Mindjet re-envisions mobile for professionals

Mindjet has announced the availability of its purpose-built app for mobile team and project management, Mindjet Tasks. The redesigned app has been completely reconfigured so that professionals can, with a swipe of a finger, manage team projects and tasks, at any time and from any location. The app is immediately available on iTunes and will be updated for iPad and Android devices later in Q4.

The age of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is here: Nine out of 10 workers carry a smart phone at work(1), and 80 percent continue to work after leaving the office (2) . Increasingly, these team-centric workers have been accessing mobile devices to check in on projects and e-mail, whether they were in meetings or on the road. Yet, effective team communications and project management have been missing.

With more teams working virtually, increased coordination and real time updates are critical to keep activities on track − whether it’s managing marketing campaigns, recruiting new hires or planning project launches. Mindjet Tasks empowers the distributed workforce with a mobile hub to manage projects, tasks and teams in an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. With Mindjet mobile, teams can now innovate and execute on their best ideas, together, from their smart phones.

“Our research shows that most organisations are concerned about meeting the evolving needs of inherently mobile roles, such as sales and field service,” says Chris Silva, an analyst with Altimeter Group. “These groups have distinct needs around not just consuming information on devices, but also creating and sharing information. The companies that deliver upon these productivity needs stand to capture a broad, dedicated user base.”

With the latest release, Mindjet advances its popular mobile app, overhauling the user experience and adding features such as:

  •  Mobile team and project modules that enable project and team management from the mobile device;
  •  Instinctual gesture controls for easy updates, task tracking, comments and team management;
  •  Ability to share information and plans, assign priorities and track tasks with multiple team members regardless of location;
  •  Real-time updates on documents, progress and plans, including team comments;
  •  Patent pending auto-prioritisation of tasks to keep you and your team on the right track; and
  •  Instant connection with Mindjet web and desktop to update or add to your latest ideas and plans.

“With so many workers now carrying smart phones and continuing to keep up on projects and e-mail outside office hours, an application like Mindjet Tasks allows them to improve productivity but retain creativity,” says Bruce Skjolde, channel manager for Mindjet’s Emerging Markets. “As an intuitive, easy to use application, you have a wealth of information at your fingertips as well as the ability to collaborate with colleagues and team members, ideal for those executives always on the go.”

To download a free copy of the new Mindjet app with Tasks go to iTunes. To learn more about Mindjet Tasks go to www.mindjet.com/mobile.


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2. Good Technology (http://www1.good.com/news/press-releases/current-press-releases/161009045.html).

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Mindjet re-envisions mobile for professionals