European Communications Services Takes African DTH Broadcaster World-Wide

European Communication Services (ECS) Enables Sub-Saharan DTH Broadcaster To Go World-Wide with New DTH Distribution Contract

ECS European Communication Services ( today announced it has expanded an agreement to bring a Sub-Saharan DTH (Direct To Home) broadcaster’s programming world-wide. This multi-year contract enables the news and entertainment DTH broadcaster to extend its footprint range beyond Africa and the Middle East to Europe via Hot Bird, North America via Galaxy 19 and Asia Pacific regions by Thaicom 5.

This follow on agreement extends an earlier agreement from 2011 and creates a 15 Megabit presence for the DTH broadcaster on these satellite platforms reaching across the globe. ECS is providing a complete turnkey solution beginning with an uplink station in Africa that was originally installed by the company and for which it operates to uplink and transmit the signal to a backhaul satellite. ECS turns around the signal in Europe from whence the signal is transmitted for world-wide distribution including to uplink stations in the U.S. and Asia over the company’s dedicated Fiber Optic network.

“ECS specializes in developing and implementing end-to-end solutions for broadcasters and providing a world-wide distribution for this client showcases our capabilities,” stated ECS CEO Eran Avni. “Supplying smart, reliable and cost effective solutions enable clients to focus on growing their business into new realms. In addition, our team brings the right tools and personal commitment to make our every client’s business succeed.”

Recently, ECS has seen growth in two trends. On one hand, leading African TV channels are seeking access to their diaspora and bringing their voice to the world while on the other, European and UK -based African channels are looking to reach Africa. ECS builds end-to-end solutions serving both communities.

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European Communications Services Takes African DTH Broadcaster World-Wide