Lenovo grows share in EMEA and becomes #2 player ahead of competitors

  • Moves up to #4 in Middle East and Africa with 36.3% YTY growth

The latest preliminary results from IDC* for 4Q12 show that Lenovo has taken the #2 position in the EMEA PC market with 11.1% share. The ranking is fuelled by the company’s growth and success in Russia, Germany, Denmark and Lebanon where Lenovo is now ranked #1.

When joining Lenovo in April 2012 EMEA president Gianfranco Lanci outlined his ambition and plans for the company to become a top three PC player in EMEA by 2013. At the time of stating the ambition Lenovo was #5 in the market. Lenovo continues to grow positively, outpacing the market significantly with year to year growth in 2012 of 41.7%, in a market that declined overall -1.6%.

Lanci commented: “In April 2012, we set a clear goal – to become the #3 PC vendor in EMEA and gain more than 10% market share by 2013 – and we have achieved this well in advance of our deadline. These results have given us a solid foundation from which to work in order to achieve our ultimate goal of becoming #1 in EMEA. In the coming year the market will see Lenovo bring even more innovative products to market; dominate the consumer space much more than we have done to date and deliver on our corporate strategy of being a PC+ company – ie designing products that have the additional features and functionality that consumers want – like our Yoga that is a laptop that converts into a tablet or the 27” table PC the Horizon, which showcased at CES.”

The EMEA business has contributed significantly over the last three years in making Lenovo the fastest-growing PC maker among the world’s top vendors with 15 quarters outpacing the overall PC market. This data shows a clear trend line and strong momentum for Lenovo as it sets its sights on profitable, sustainable growth in the PC+ era.

Middle East & Africa (MEA)
In Middle and Africa (MEA), Lenovo has jumped up in the ranking to become the #4 player with 36.3% year to year growth.

Oliver Ebel, executive director and general manager Lenovo Middle East & Africa, added: “Our continued growth in MEA comes as a result of our strong regional operations and commitment to our customers and partners. MEA has become an increasingly strategic region for Lenovo and we are determined to further grow our presence and invest in new growth markets. We are also committed to bringing our latest innovations to the region as we see businesses and consumers in MEA as eager adopters of innovation.”

IDC Q4 2012 Highlights

  • In the UAE, Lenovo grew its market share to 13.9% from 12.2% last quarter, with a 52.8% YTY growth. Lenovo is currently No.3 in UAE from No.5 last quarter
  • In Qatar, Lenovo moved up the ranking to No.3 from No.5 with a market share of 13.5% and YTY growth of 43.2% 
  • In Oman, Lenovo is the No.3 with just under 20% YTY growth
  • In Jordan, Lenovo increased its market share by 6% to 18.8% from last quarter to become the No.2 player with over 140% YTY growth
  • In Lebanon, Lenovo regained the number one spot with 20.5% market share and 180.6% YTY growth 
  • In Egypt, Lenovo grew its market share to 14.2% with 36.6% YTY growth
  • In South Africa, Lenovo grew our market share to 12.3% 
  • In Kenya, Lenovo achieved a 421.9% YTY growth with 8.4% market share

* IDC Q4 2012 PC Tracker, 16th January 2013

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Lenovo grows share in EMEA and becomes #2 player ahead of competitors