New rental finance scheme launched by Digital Depot

Digital Depot, believed to be the first online electronics store catering to the film and media industry, has announced the introduction of a rental-based financial solution for its clients in a move to offer both affordability and to ensure that clients are able to stay up to date with the latest technology.

According to Ashleigh Martyn, of Digital Deport, the “on-the-ground reality” is that new kit today can be outdated within three years.

“Coupled with this is the price of implementing changes and adopting new technology into your workflow. This,” she said, “can become very expensive.”

To this end Digital Depot has partnered with a rental finance company – Highland Rental Finance – to give users the option to rent equipment for three, four or five years – depending on the appropriate lifespan of the equipment and the user’s needs.
“This has proven very successful with a number of production and post-houses over the last year as it gives them the opportunity to spread the expense over three years, and to ensure they will not be stuck with outdated kit when better options become available.

“In order to apply for a three year lease agreement, the client needs to have been a registered company for three years. Up to date financials also need to be supplied and approved with the rental finance company.”
Jacqui Wright from Highland Rental Finance, said: “We focus on rental solutions for IT equipment, incorporating long-term business and technology considerations. We ensure that clients are up to date with technology, while paying an affordable monthly rental to preserve cash flow. Why pay upfront for a solution that you are going to benefit from daily, when you can rather ‘pay as you go’ ?”


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New rental finance scheme launched by Digital Depot