The Samsung Galaxy range, the PERFECT 10!

Samsung Electronics is well-known for its range of Galaxy devices. From smartphones to tablets, the Galaxy range has been developed with the unique requirements of business and consumer users at its foundation. The Samsung Galaxy range is underpinned by a broad smartphone and tablet market that provides a variety of form factors and screen size offering functionality to meet the needs of almost every consumer.

Here are some interesting points to remember about the Galaxy range:

  1. The Galaxy Tab provides users with compact, lightning-fast communication and entertainment. It features 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and up to seven hours of battery life.
  2. The Galaxy Tab lets users browse the web, read books, watch movies, play games, and stay on top of emails to name just a few. It also delivers stunning graphics and visuals through its AMOLED display and is lightweight, ultra-thin, and completely portable.
  3. The Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Tab, and Galaxy S III all provide users with a complete set of mobile solutions for the digital lifestyle.
  4. The Galaxy Note II lets you personalise the mobile world with the S Pen whereby you can write handwritten messages in emails or decorate photographs or list special occasions on your calendars.
  5. Both the Note II and the S III support Smart Gestures that allow you to intuitively navigate through both devices and complete actions often just by looking at the device.
  6. The Galaxy range is known for its social sharing through S Beam technology that lets you share links to maps, web pages, apps, and videos on another Samsung device that is NFC-enabled.
  7. The S Voice feature in the Galaxy range turns your mobile device into the perfect personal assistant accessing useful information by just speaking to it.
  8. The Galaxy range is available to market at varying price points – making our devices suitable and accessible to everyone’s affordability
  9. The Galaxy S III and Note II and Note 10.1 are optimised for both personal and business functionality – ensuring that you are able to use either device for every aspect of your life.
  10. Samsung’s Galaxy range (Galaxy S, S II & S III) has sold 100 million units to date – testament to the brands market positioning and uptake by consumers across the globe.

If this is not the perfect 10 then I am not sure what is! Check out for more information and awesome features of the entire Samsung Galaxy range!

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The Samsung Galaxy range, the PERFECT 10!