Zetes Showcases Identification and Traceability on the Packaging Line and Beyond

Manufacturers are setting themselves ambitious targets for reducing their carbon footprints and need tools to help them achieve their environmental goals. At Propak 2013, Zetes South Africa will showcase its extensive range of solutions for the entire supply chain, with a strong focus on products and solutions that assist organisations to identify and trace their products keeping the environmental protection targets in mind.

The new MD3000e, that expands Zetes’ product range of environmentally efficient labelling solutions, is 38% smaller than a typical Print & Apply system. It uses recyclable materials in its construction, is highly energy efficient and will cut operating costs substantially. This printer has been designed to reduce the use of compressed air with the option of completely eliminating the usage, while offering 28% more production uptime. The MD3000e is complimented by Zetes’ fully recyclable labels for further cost savings and efficiencies.

Zetes’ robust Apollo Box Applicator that efficiently labels the front, back and/or sides of secondary product packaging provides a reliable solution for the identification and traceability of products in mission-critical environments. Standard or RFID labels can be securely applied in multiple positions inline. Easy integration into any production line and ERP system forms part of the Zetes Supply Chain solution. Zetes can now incorporate the energy efficient technology from the MD3000e into the Apollo Box Applicator to extend the environmental and cost benefits throughout their range or product offering

In addition to its green focus, Zetes will use Propak 2013 to highlight their Total Care approach to supply chain solutions, offering their clients total visibility and reliability to manage their assets.

Zetes will demonstrate how its innovative Vision technology, Visidot, enhances the traceability within the supply chain with accurate and efficient logistics, automatic data capture and elimination of shipping errors. This solution answers the ultimate requirement in complete product traceability.


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Zetes Showcases Identification and Traceability on the Packaging Line and Beyond