ISPs Grapple with Astronomical Video Streaming Growth on Internet

Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are faced with massive data-usage growth from their subscriber-base due to the fast adoption of the internet for streaming voice (Skype) and video (YouTube) applications. “Just a few years ago, streaming video accounted for 30% of all usage where it now dominates at more than 60%, with subscriber usage having increased more than 500% in the past six years,” says Tony Rodrigues, Regional Sales Manager at Cambium Networks, a provider of world-class fixed wireless broadband and microwave solutions and services.

The current internet usage trend demands higher throughput from ISPs with a solid upgrade path to facilitate projected growth. “Subscriber requirements have evolved from bursts of high-bandwidth throughput to much more sustained sessions. Finding a solution that provides a high-capacity, scalable and cost-effective upgrade path for growth in the future, is key,” says Rodrigues.

Cambium Networks’ Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) 450 platform shatters the bandwidth barrier that can keep service providers from maximising their network’s potential and competitive advantage. By delivering up to 90 Mbps of throughput per Access point (AP) utilising a 20MHz channel, the PMP Subscriber Module (SM) provides scalable throughput ranging from 4Mbps to unlimited. It effectively allows PMP 450 to deliver the speed subscribers need for triple play voice, video and data services, with exceptional Non Line Of Sight (NLOS) capabilities.

“The PMP 450 is designed to enhance both the technical and business case for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that serve areas with low or high Subscriber Module (SM) to access point (AP) ratios, and due to its exceptional NLOS capabilities provides a great offering to Service Providers (SP’S) typically looking for small cell backhauling,” explains Rodrigues.

A key enabler is the AP PMP 105 access point that provides affordable deployment in low SM/AP ratios. It is also scalable to adapt to the network’s growth cycle. Once each AP reaches the point of more than ten registered SM’s, its capacity can be increased to support up to 200 SM’s per access point via a simple software upgrade.

It goes without saying that any upgrade a service provider undergoes has to integrate with its existing infrastructure. “Cambium Networks PMP 450 provides the perfect solution in that it interoperates with Canopy PMP 430 series and PMP 100 Series SM via a separately purchased downloadable license key. It provides a cost-effective avenue that service providers can utilise to enhance the overall capacity delivered to their business and residential access networks by allowing more users and/or higher rate plans. The solution effectively future-proofs a network by allowing the service provider to add new features as they become available due to the PMP 450’s software defined radio (SDR),” says Rodrigues.

“Cambium Networks strives to improve reliability, reduce maintenance costs and improve customer satisfaction, which is underscored with the PMP 450 solution,” Rodrigues concludes.

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ISPs Grapple with Astronomical Video Streaming Growth on Internet