Rectron first to bring ultra-small but powerful Intel® Desktop Board to SA

Intel’s Desktop Boards deliver immaculate processing power in a small 4 x 4-inch form factor

IT product distributor, Rectron, in keeping with its promise to supply the latest technology to customers, is the first distributor to bring Intel’s new Desktop Board (DC3217 IYE) to South Africa.

Intel’s ultra-small Desktop Boards is the ‘Next Unit of Computing’ (NUC) and delivers unmatched performance with striking visuals, powered by the company’s smart 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i3 processor – all on a small 4 x 4-inch motherboard housed in a small, sleek and durable casing.

The Intel® NUC’s performance, says Sebastian Isaac, Business Development Manager at Rectron, will surprise users, as it seems so small. “It’s an ideal intelligent device for small spaces with multiple uses. It is a perfect engine for digital signage, kiosks, home theatre systems, and it can be described as a micro-PC, powerful enough for simple desktop use, or anywhere else you can imagine,” says Isaac.

The NUC is perfectly flexible and customisable, offering wireless streaming, connecting other devices in the home or office. Digital media, like movies, images or even games, are smoothly and seamlessly transferred from devise to devise. For instance, users can drive two digital displays at once with dual HDMI maintaining vibrant visuals. Multitasking and moving between applications is a breeze, due to Intel’s Hyper-Threading and Thunderbolt technology, which dramatically improves data transfer rates. It is performance you can instantly see and feel.

“Not only is the Intel® NUC small in size, though high on performance, but also saves on electricity usage. In normal operation it uses roughly 20 watts power compared to your standard 350 watts a normal desktop station uses. The Intel® NUC offers performance and savings all in one package,” add Isaac.

Dual-core 1.8hz Intel Core i3 CPU
Intel HD4000 integrated graphics
HDMI + Thunderbolt
Intel QS77 chipset
16GB RAM (2 x DDR3-SODIMM 1333/1600 slots)
mSATA SATA-III SSD (currently up to 240gb)
Half-height Mini-PCIe Wifi
3x USB 2.0 ports
Gigabit Ethernet
VESA bracket (for mounting behind a monitor or TV)

Intel Next Unit Of Computing
Intel Next Unit Of Computing

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Rectron first to bring ultra-small but powerful Intel® Desktop Board to SA