New appointment at Marval SA

Marval South Africa has announced the appointment of Conn Wood, Service Management industry veteran and consulting expert, as at 01 February 2013. In his role as a senior consultant, Conn will be tasked with growing the consulting arm of the Marval business. He will also be using his extensive industry experience to expand on Marval South Africa’s IT governance and risk management portfolio.

“My end goal is to make companies run better. Service management, as part of an overall IT governance and risk management strategy, is a critical component of achieving this goal, and Marval’s software and tools present many opportunities in the governance and risk management space. I will be focusing on expanding Marval South Africa’s consulting business in line with this,” says Conn.

Conn began his IT career in ‘76 as an application programmer, and has been a part of service management in the IT space since the mid-1980’s, before the formalisation of ITIL in South Africa. Previously the MD of Foster-Melliar, he has extensive ITSM and consulting experience and will bring considerable skills and experience to Marval South Africa.

“Having been a part of this industry for much of my working life, I have developed a passion for service management and related fields and more recently IT Governance. I look forward to expanding Marval South Africa’s business and to become the first point of call for organisations looking to engage in this space. By dedicating my focus on the consulting arm of the business, I will enable Marval South Africa to broaden its service offering and bring together the previously siloed areas of governance and service management. This will enable organisations to realise true benefit from their IT investment, and will contribute significantly towards making their business run better,” Conn adds.

As governance becomes increasingly important to business, in light of changing regulations, legislation and recommendations such as King III, the gap in the market for a company that can bring IT Service Management within the overarching umbrella of governance is clear. Marval is now able to fill this gap, with consulting, training and tools to enable organisations to see the bigger picture of how service management, ITIL, ISO 20000 and IT governance all feed into each other. Taking this holistic approach will enable organisations to increase business value and improve efficiency, productivity and stakeholder satisfaction across the board.

“We are constantly striving to add more value for our customers, expand on our client base and continuously develop and refine our value proposition. Conn has many years of experience in the field, and with his exceptional skills and vast knowledge we are looking forward to moving to the next level in achieving this goal,” says Edward Carbutt, Executive Director of Marval South Africa.

“This is an exciting time for both Marval South Africa and the service management industry, and we expect there to be many developments over the coming year. The timing of Conn’s appointment is opportune, and we are excited to be working with him in entrenching our risk and IT governance offering. With his history, reputation and credibility, he will be of invaluable assistance in helping us to expand our enterprise customer base and in making Marval a solution partner of first choice in IT governance, risk and service management,” he concludes.

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New appointment at Marval SA