‘Yoo’ own the world: social networking expands at MobiMedia

Adding strength to their slogan “You own the world”, the Yookos social network platform has just given millions of Africans easier access to their network by launching the mobile version of the Yookos platform. As strategic consulting partners to Yookos, MobiMedia assisted with the conceptualisation of the mobile strategy for the organisation, including collaboration on the design and implementation of the mobile site. Since its inception as a desktop platform two years ago, Yookos has added Android and iPhone apps. Now, with the launch of the mobile web version, the platform is truly universally available. “By going mobile, Yookos is ensuring accessibility for all users across the globe, but in particular in Africa where users can now connect without having to have access to a desktop,” says Tim Legg, CEO of MobiMedia.

As a values-based social networking platform, Yookos allows people to share views and common interests within an environment where they can interact without fear of abuse or inappropriate content.  The social aspects mean that a large percentage of the content is user generated. However, the Yookos web and mobile portals also provide free news, sports, and fashion updates, and the content for this info service is sourced and supplied through MobiMedia. “We place great emphasis upon maintaining quality standards in design, functionality and content of our sites, and we value the thought and creative energy which MobiMedia contributed in this project,” said Yookos CEO, Pastor Tomisin Fashina.

The mobile arena is the natural home for social networking, and statistics indicate that an ever-increasing number of logins to social networking sites are taking place via mobile rather than PC or laptop devices. According to the most recent AMPS review, 65% of South African internet users accessed social networks using a mobile device – a figure that is rapidly increasing. Against this backdrop, it is not surprising that mobile marketers are expanding their involvement in social marketing and networking. “At MobiMedia we see a natural overlap between social and mobile interactivity, and clients frequently need us to assist them in planning and implementing social networking within a mobile environment,” said Tim Legg, CEO of MobiMedia.

In addition to the recent launch of the highly-anticipated mobile version of the social networking site, Yookos, MobiMedia also assists clients in the retail and fast moving consumer goods industries with their mobile, social and digital strategies, including recent projects for Dell Computers, brands from the Pioneer Foods stable and internationally marketed South African skincare product, Environ, amongst others.

Visit http://m.yookos.com/ to join the mobisite and start connecting on Yookos today.

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‘Yoo’ own the world: social networking expands at MobiMedia