Jody’s Tyres finds the perfect fit with Green Apple IT

Jody’s Tyres, a tyre retailer and fitment specialist with eight branches in the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg, offers the full spectrum of wheel and tyre products and services. As with any modern enterprise, IT is an important component of the company’s day-to-day business, and needs to be available with maximum uptime and minimal time to resolution should there be any problems. When approached by the team at Green Apple IT at the end of 2012, Jody’s Tyres were impressed with the service offering, work ethic and personalised service offered, and made the decision to move their IT support over.

“IT is a critical component of our business, and everything we do relies on our IT systems being up and running. Our stock systems between our various branches require our network to be consistent, all of our sales are generated through our computer systems, our invoices require the printers to be fully functional, and we rely heavily on email for communication. We simply cannot afford to experience long periods of downtime, as this will have a negative impact on our productivity, and our profitability as a result,” explains Jade Robey, Admin Manager at Jody’s Tyres.

“When Green Apple IT approached us with their service offering, we were impressed with their pricing and the range of services offered, and decided to give them a trial run,” she adds.

Green Apple IT provides the full range of basic IT services to Jody’s Tyres, including day-to-day desktop support, printer support, hardware and software support, Internet and network support, as well as assistance with new equipment and software installation.

“Service levels are an important consideration, and Green Apple IT delivers on this count. As we are not locked into a contract, we are confident that service levels will always remain high, and their turnaround times have been fast and efficient whenever we have called them for problem resolution. The personal touch that comes from dealing with a small business like Green Apple IT is also beneficial, and the fact that they are based in the same area as us further improves their turnaround times. They solve our problems quickly and efficiently, resulting in less downtime and less stress all around. Pricing is also always an important consideration, and Green Apple IT has delivered everything we require along with excellent value for money,” says Robey.

“At Green Apple IT we are focused on delivering exactly what our customers need, whether this is a full-on managed service offering or ad-hoc solutions such as those needed by Jody’s Tyres. We deliver a personalised offering that is aimed at solving problems and adding value. For small businesses like Jody’s Tyres, flexibility of service offerings is a key consideration, and we are pleased to be able to meet their needs and deliver quality, affordable and relevant services and solutions,” concludes Dawie Bloomberg, Managing Director of Green Apple IT.

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Jody’s Tyres finds the perfect fit with Green Apple IT