Altonet to sponsor and present at National Small Business Chamber Expo

Altonet, local providers of HP Autonomy LiveVault and Connected Backup solutions, will be manning a seminar stand at the My Business Expo to be held at Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg on Thursday, 14 March. The My Biz Expo offers powerful and unique solution driven exhibits and seminars, delivering practical and interactive information, strategies and ideas to people starting up a new business or building a small to medium sized business (SME).

Altonet will pass on their knowledge with live presentations and Q&A sessions on the hour, every hour from 09.00 to 16.00. HP Autonomy back-up and restore will be presented, being LiveVault for servers and Connected for PCs and notebooks. Beachhead Solutions which provides encryption security for PCs and notebooks will also be presented.

Altonet will be covering issues such as why their solutions are essential for the SME sector. For example, SMEs face the same challenge as their larger counterparts with the risk posed by data loss. With employees becoming more mobile, protecting data on employee’s laptops is ever-critical. Backup is therefore crucial to these smaller businesses and HP Autonomy’s closed-based data protection and backup solutions are able to meet this sectors requirement head on. User-friendly and flexible, HP Autonomy is a fully automated, secure and reliable backup and recovery solution. The simplicity of this solution frees up IT resources, allowing for more time to address other IT issues, a key benefit for the SME.

HP Autonomy’s LiveVault for servers uses rules-based backup which means clients can specify the data that needs to be stored for a certain period of time, providing organisations with the high-level of granularity required.

SME’s also tend to be early adopters of a mobile workforce making Beachhead Solutions the ideal solution to ensure their data is protected in the event of theft of their mobile devices. Beachhead Solutions delivers encryption technology and security tools to protect data at the source, on hard drives, flash drives and optical drives so that the data can never be accessed by unauthorised parties. These encryption and security tools deliver ultimate protection, access control and rights management to protect data on PCs and mass storage media.

The My Biz Expo is attended by over 20 000 delegates and includes up to 500 sponsors, exhibitors and partners and is the most successful business show in South Africa. Do not miss the Altonet seminar stand at the My Biz Expo at Gallagher so as to familiarise yourself with the data protection solutions offered by Altonet for your SME.

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Altonet to sponsor and present at National Small Business Chamber Expo