Advanced Agile Developer course from KRS

KRS partners with Aslan Khan to offer an advanced Agile developer course

Our course covers many practices from XP – Extreme Programming. XP is often neglected when companies embrace Agile, yet it is the basis for adaptable, testable, maintainable code.
Courses will run quarterly, or by request. Reserve your place now for our next public course 12-13 March 2013.

Course Leaders:
Aslam Khan is well known for his contributions in the Agile community and corporate IT in improving software development. As a regular speaker at local and international conferences, Aslam brings his insights and deep practical knowledge to this advanced course for agile developers. Don’t be surprised to find Aslam running a few sessions on this course. Check out his blog at
Alain King is an Architect and Trainer at KRS, with many years of practical experience delivering software and a skill for training developers (from his days in education).

Course Leaders
Course Leaders











What’s different about this course?

Agile development is not easy. The learning curve has some really steep inclines and really does go on forever. It sounds like a journey without reward, but the reality is that the biggest effort is to get moving. This is what is different about this course – we will get you moving along that curve. We’re making no bones about it, this is a code immersion course that will challenge you at every turn. If you’re ready for this, book your spot here.

Is this for me?

We think that this course is best suited to developers who’ve been through the trenches, have the scars to prove it and simply want to be a whole lot better. We want to bring together experienced software developers that share our deep desire to design great software, write awesome code, and deliver software with immense pride. That’s what we’re about, and we want to share that with you.


AGILE - The Big Picture
AGILE – The Big Picture

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Advanced Agile Developer course from KRS