Veeam overcomes the limitations of physical backup

Veeam launches campaign to help organisations make the move to modern data protection

Veeam Software (, innovative provider of backup, replication and virtualisation management solutions for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V, announced a new campaign to help organisations make the move to Modern Data Protection.

According to Gartner, by 2016, one-third of organisations will change backup vendors due to frustrations over cost, complexity or capability. At the same time, Gartner reports that server virtualisation is now over 60% penetrated and on the way to surpass 80%. Veeam’s Modern Data Protection – a powerful, easy-to-use and affordable solution Built for Virtualization – sits at the junction of these two industry trends.

Ratmir Timashev, President and CEO at Veeam Software, says: “Virtualisation isn’t just the future of the modern data center; it’s the reality right now, and a modern data center needs Modern Data Protection Built for Virtualization. Since day one, our mission at Veeam has been to leverage virtualization to reinvent backup and deliver powerful, easy-to-use and affordable data protection.”

Most backup tools were built for the physical environment and this constrains how they support virtual environments. For example, these retrofitted tools don’t leverage the virtual environment to verify backups and they require agents in virtual machines for granular recovery, application-consistent backups and other essential functions.

Miriam Murphy, Senior VP EMEA at Avnet Technology Solutions ( says: “Modern Data Protection is a huge opportunity for customers and solution providers alike. Thanks to virtualisation and Veeam, IT can finally break from the high costs and hassles of traditional data protection. Backup is often considered the bane of the datacentre, but Veeam has IT managers excited about backup. Veeam’s innovative approach is refreshing and powerful – with the potential to reduce both costs and risks – and our partners are ready to help their customers make the move to Modern Data Protection with Veeam.”

Findings from Veeam’s annual “Virtualisation Data Protection Report (,” also released today, illustrate how physical backup has created significant challenges for IT in an increasingly virtualised world:

  • Capabilities: 88% of CIOs identified capability-related challenges that are impacting their ability to backup and recover their virtual infrastructures;
  • Complexity: 84% of CIOs said that they are experiencing complexity-related challenges with backup and recovery of virtual environments; and
  • Cost: 87% of CIOs are also facing cost-related challenges with backup and recovery of virtual servers beyond those costs already incurred by lengthy downtime.

Veeam Backup & Replication addresses these challenges with powerful, easy-to-use and affordable data protection Built for Virtualisation from the ground-up and already proven in more than 60,000 organizations around the world.

Veeam has released new materials to help IT managers master and evangelise the key concepts of Modern Data Protection. Materials include:

More quotes

  • Vincenzo Bochicchio; Data Center Advisor, Office of the CTO at Gotham Technology Group (, says: “Virtualisation is enabling a renaissance in data protection. Organisations no longer have to put up with backup that’s costly and cumbersome. Veeam Backup & Replication truly is powerful, easy-to-use and affordable, which makes the move to Modern Data Protection remarkably straightforward. Our customers have realized significant benefits from switching to Veeam.”
  • Sam Routledge, Solutions Director at Softcat ( says: “Virtualisation has brought a massive wave of change to the data centre. One of the areas that is changing significantly due to the advent of virtualisation is backup and recovery. Virtualisation-specific backup techniques redefine the economics of protecting your environment, enabling cost-effective replication for any application and eliminating the need for traditional agent-based technology. As the march of virtualisation in the data centre continues, customers should be freeing themselves from the limitations of physical backup – and we have had great success helping them to do just that with Veeam’s Modern Data Protection Built for Virtualisation.”
  • Abdullah Al Marzouqi, Manager Systems Support at GASCO (success story link <> ), says: “We needed a solution that was designed for virtualization. We needed stable, consistent backups and faster recovery in case of disaster. Veeam Backup Management Suite works brilliantly for us… reliable backups, quick recovery and good reporting.”
  • Kai Sookwongse, Department Manager, Enterprise Infrastructure Services at Mazda North American Operations (success story link <> ) says: “Veeam Backup & Replication is a must-have product if you’re moving ahead with a virtualization project. Veeam provides two-in-one backup and replication, which is a huge plus. We’re also glad that Veeam gives us flexibility with storage hardware. We consistently evaluate the best products for our IT environment and business model, and since Veeam can target any storage device, we’ll have flexible storage options in the future.”
  • John Walsh, Manager of Processing & Information Platform Services, Cyberinfrastructure at Northwestern University Information Technology (success story link <> ) says: “Our backup process was simply taking too long and preventing us from completing a full, daily backup on every VM. Restoring VMs was a challenge too, requiring us to provision and manually restore the data back to each VM. From a risk management perspective, if we had ever found ourselves in a disaster situation, it could have been days before getting our mission-critical apps fully operational. With Veeam, we’ve been able to decrease that manual process [to restore a VM] from a full day down to just a few hours to complete.”

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Veeam overcomes the limitations of physical backup