Samsung Invites People to Discover the World of Possibilities

Depth of innovation demonstrated by the company’s global product lineup

 Premium products Built For Africa 

Samsung Electronics unveiled new products and services at the 2013 Samsung Africa Forum in Cape Town. Through its understanding and insight of what consumers need in the region, Samsung’s 2013 lineup of products demonstrates the company’s commitment to Africa and its vision where technology enables consumers to discover a world of possibilities.

“Relentless pursuit of new innovation is the key principle of our business and what is enabling consumers to discover a world of possibilities with technology,” said Mr. KK Park, CEO of Samsung Electronics Africa. “Africa is a dynamic region and consumers today are looking for technology that will enrich and empower them. Samsung’s key concern has been, and will continue to be, how do we develop the technology to resolve the continent’s challenges? How do we contribute to building a smarter Africa? The answer: Built For Africa technology.”

The Journey of Wonder is a journey that started in 2010, at the first Samsung Africa Forum, where Samsung introduced and actively started the Built For Africa initiative – bringing over 500 engineers, market researcher and research and development specialists around the world to travel throughout Africa to understand the needs and wants of the African consumer. What’s more, Samsung understood that convergence technology developments in one area can be applied across an eco-system of products – giving them an advantage. “With this industry knowledge and insight, we have followed this journey and today our purpose continues to be about making a contribution to society and enriching people’s lives through smart solutions and premium products,” adds Park. “Three years later it is very clear that Samsung’s presence in Africa is about bringing Samsung’s smart world to the continent – creating a smart eco-system for Africa – solution-based devices and value added content for life and lifestyle enhancement – and we have the most diverse product portfolio in the world of ICT to do exactly that.”

“This year we have joined with key partners to not only enable a wider market the opportunity to afford premium devices, but to develop content and software solutions that are unique to Africa,” continues Park. “We organised the first Africa Smart Government Summit and launched solutions such as our Solar Power Generator and Solar Powered Health Centre which are set to make positive impacts across the continent.”

“This year we will continue to bring Samsung’s smart world to the continent through our Built For Africa initiatives, our Brand Stories, our Partnerships and our Innovative Technologies that serve not only individuals but also governments and business enterprises – not to mention our focus on education – creating an accessible smarter eco-system for Africa,” concludes Park.”

Delivering on this promise, Samsung unveiled a new paradigm in television, premium smart appliances and devices and Built For Africa Solutions.

Creating the Ultimate Lean Back Experience

In 2012, Samsung demonstrated leadership across all of its categories, including the TV market. The company achieved 16% growth in revenue and 14% growth in unit sales in the total regional TV market last year. Following this success, Samsung is opening a new world of possibilities in home entertainment this year. Leading its charge to deliver the ultimate lean back experience to consumers in the region, Samsung launched its flagship F8000 LED TV, the first Samsung television to feature a quad-core processor. Available in sizes up to 75-inches, the F8000 features an ultra-thin profile, a quarter-inch thick bezel and a wave inspired Arc stand that makes the TV look as if it is simply floating in the air. Samsung also introduced its first 85-inch Ultra High Definition TV (UHD TV), the 85S9. The 85S9’s stunning Timeless Gallery design sets a new standard for TV craftsmanship, with the TV appearing to float within its frame and juxtaposing its classic minimalism with the imposing 85-inch display.

Finally, to deliver an audio performance to match the screen excellence of this year’s new TVs, Samsung introduced the HT-F9750W. The HT-F9750W is Samsung’s flagship 7.1 channel home theater system that is the perfect companion to its 2013 Smart TVs. The system features a 1,330-watt sound system for unprecedented sound quality and exceptional viewing experience, and it is powered by Samsung’s Gallium Nitride amplifier and vacuum tube amplifier to create a pure, natural sound. Additionally, HD content can be up-scaled to UHD picture quality, thanks to Samsung’s 4K Scaler Processor.

Introducing the next Evolution in Televisions

Each of Samsung’s newest televisions provides a new world of possibilities in search, navigation and control.

Samsung’s newly redesigned Smart Hub intelligently organises a viewer’s content into clear, intuitive panels. The three panels include: Apps; Photos, Videos and Music; and Social. Navigating these three Smart Hub panels is easier than ever before, thanks to enhanced Smart Interaction.

In 2012, Samsung pioneered motion and voice controls to navigate the TV. In 2013, these control capabilities have been enhanced. For example, not only can consumers now use their hands to select content, they can now rotate images, or simply zoom in and out. Voice controls were also enhanced, with 2013 Smart TV models understanding about 300 commands with improved language recognition rates.

This advanced user experience has been expanded to smartphones and tablets, thanks to Samsung’s leadership in connectivity. Viewers can use their devices as a remote control or simultaneously enjoy two different pieces of content from a TV or Blu-ray player on a second screen. They can also mirror their Smart TV content on a tablet to take it with them around the home. Additionally, Samsung delivered on its 2012 CES promise of bringing the next evolution of TVs with the introduction of its 2013 Evolution Kit. By simply adding the Evolution Kit to a Samsung Smart TV, users can have access to the latest Samsung Smart TV offerings. Owners of compatible TVs will be able to benefit from S-Recommendation with Voice Interaction, the new Smart Hub, as well as the quad core support of the 2013 range.

Solutions Built to Tackle Africa’s Challenges

Samsung Africa launched its Solar Powered Health Centre model, marking the start of a large-scale medical initiative on the continent. The mobile centres are built for use in remote rural areas, and intended to eliminate the economic and geographic barriers that prevent people across Africa from obtaining quality medical treatment.  The Solar Powered Health Centre is designed to reach as many people as possible, as regularly as possible. Mounted on a truck and manned by qualified medical professionals, the centres will move from one area to the next providing a range of eye, ear, blood and dental medical services to the public.

In addition to this, as part of its drive towards providing Built For Africa products, Samsung has developed an alternative that will provide easy power accessibility at an affordable price and that does not require the use of non-renewable resources for its operation – the Samsung Solar Power Generator. This product is therefore perfectly positioned for any facility where alternative energy sources are required. The Samsung Solar Power Generator, equivalent to that of a 15 KVa diesel generator, capitalises on the one resource that Africa has an abundance of – sunlight.  As well as the benefits provided by implementing a green energy source, the generator can provide power for up to 8 years without any additional maintenance, and has a lifespan of up to 25 years, ensuring a reliability-centered power solution.

Smart Partnerships

In line with Samsung’s commitment to building an eco-system focused not only on hardware, but on software as well to offer a total solution, Samsung launched its respective partnership with Blue Financial Services, Intel, Microsoft, Learnthings and Universal Music to provide content and software that are unique to Africa – bringing a host of product access and content and services to the local market.

Creating Smarter, Connected Homes

Samsung introduced its new DuraCool SMART Refrigerator Range featuring several category firsts. The new refrigerator, which offers a host of unique features to maximise space and a superior digital inverter technology to improve energy efficiency, affirms Samsung’s dedication to providing appliance innovations that deliver unparalleled performance, greater flexibility, superior organisation, and more convenience for today’s busy families.  With the new DuraCool Smart Bottom Mounted Freezer, Samsung brings powerful technology innovations into the home, empowering families to get more out of their appliances and enabling households to run more efficiently and harmoniously. Advanced technology in Samsung’s new refrigerator delivers an overall unique design complemented by special features that work together to maximum space efficiency.

To complete the home experience Samsung also announced a new series of triple protector air conditioners with reinforcing smart features for African customers of one such model is the F9000, the world’s first air conditioner that uses jet engine technology and features three vents to cool the air faster than any other conventional unit. All the new models adhere to the Samsung Triple Protection ethos and provide customers with power cooling, energy efficiency and hygienic air through innovative Samsung technology – which means ‘Smart Cooling, Smart Saving and Smart Protection’. The units also form part of Samsung’s Built For Africa programme that sees Samsung design and build solutions that meet the unique needs, resources and conditions of Africa.

And staying true to its SMART CAMERA vision, delivering the latest and greatest camera technology and driving change in the digital imaging landscape. As the newest addition to its NX-range, the NX300 blends exceptional image quality and capture capabilities with increased speed and shot control. The NX300 is complemented by the Samsung’s NX 45mm F1.8 2D/3D lens, the first one-lens 3D system for a consumer camera, capable of capturing both still pictures and full 1080p HD video. This new lens opens up an exciting world of 3D imaging possibilities and makes the Samsung NX Series the only interchangeable lens camera supporting both 3D still and 3D movie.

Concludes Park: “No other technology company has broad a product portfolio as Samsung and this places us in a unique position to create solutions that can contribute to the development of the African continent and its people. This is our journey and we are committed to creating a Smart Africa  through our products and initiatives.”

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Samsung Invites People to Discover the World of Possibilities