Toshiba introduces the Satellite P850

The Satellite P850 is Toshiba’s new design masterstroke featuring a slim and elegant, silver-coloured aluminium casing

The Satellite P850, a high-definition entertainment powerhouse offering the latest CPU and graphics processing, and a premium video and audio experience, is targeted at users looking for a laptop with superb power and graphics performance. The laptop makes using advanced high-definition multimedia applications or multitasking hassle free, and is able to simultaneously display 2D and 3D content(*1).

“The Satellite P850 is a high-definition entertainment powerhouse that offers the latest CPU and graphics processing with a premium video and audio experience,” says Jorge da Silva, Head of Sales for South Africa. “If you’re looking for a laptop with superb power and graphics performance for advanced, high definition multimedia applications, the P850 is sure to impress.”

Entertainment powerhouses
The new Satellite P850 is powered by Intel®’s latest CPUs and NVIDIA®’s latest generation graphics technology. Together the laptop delivers enough power to run the most demanding computing tasks including smooth multitasking and high-definition multimedia applications. The laptop comes with a large capacity HDD or an optional Hybrid HDD with solid state memory support to further improve its performance by providing faster response times and instant application loading.

A design masterpiece made from aluminium
The Satellite P850 with their slim, classic silhouettes is available with a choice of two textured aluminium casing designs – brushed aluminium with rounded edges or textured aluminium on both the cover and the bottom. The tactility of this high-quality material works in harmony with the visual appearance of the new models with their rounded edges.

Highly talented entertainers
The laptop is packed with a choice of HD entertainment features to provide a high-quality movie, music and gaming experience. The high-definition TruBrite™ displays playback movies, photos and games in brilliant colours and clarity. Toshiba’s Resolution+ ‘video up’ conversion technology breathes new life into users’ video libraries by up-converting standard-definition videos to near high-definition quality. This enables the Satellite P850 to add the third dimension to 2D videos in near real-time. The Satellite P850 is able to stream the 3D video data to a connected 3D-enabled TV via HDMI.

Satellite P850 features glasses-free 3D technology(*1)
In addition, the Satellite P850 features a 39.6cm (15.6’’) widescreen Full-HD TruBrite™ 3D display supporting glasses-free 3D technology. The laptop delivers a true 3D viewing experience without the need to wear 3D glasses while watching 3D movies on Blu-ray or DVD discs, or while playing a 3D game. Its face-tracking technology allows users to move their head in front of the display without losing the 3D view. Thanks to the laptop’s ability to simultaneously display 2D and 3D content, users can watch a 3D movie and, in parallel, browse the web to see additional 2D content.

Sweeping surround sound with rich bass and clear treble
The harman/kardon® stereo speakers – tuned with Slipstream technology – allows the bass to achieve high outputs with low distortions. Support of SRS Premium Sound 3D™ sound enhancement technology delivers a wider surround sound for music, movies and games.

Full connectivity
The Satellite P850 features four USB 3.0 ports to transfer data at a rate that is ten times faster than with USB 2.0. It also features a Bluetooth 4.0 interface for low-energy and fast wireless data synchronisation over larger distances. Plus the laptop has Intel® Wireless Display technology onboard. It allows the content of the laptop’s display to be wirelessly replicated on the large screen of a TV via a Wi-Fi adaptor, or via a projector on the presentation screen.

The Satellite P850 recommended retail price starting from R15 999 (Incl VAT). For stockist and additional information contact Mustek on (011) 237 1000.

Notice: Some individuals may experience health-related complications when exposed to certain kinds of 3D images. Please refrain from viewing 3D content if you feel any ill effects. Anyone who does experience any physical problem should immediately stop viewing 3D content and consult a physician. Perception of 3D effects will differ from person to person and according to content. Due to the possibility of impact on vision development, viewers of 3D video images should be aged six or older. Please refer to the 3D viewing precautions in the manual when viewing 3D images.

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*1) Depends on the model. The Satellite P850 has multiple versions (models).

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Toshiba introduces the Satellite P850