Sage VIP introduces cost effective e-learning training solutions

Sage VIP, a leading HR and payroll software and services provider in South Africa, has announced the launch of an e-learning option to its already comprehensive package of training solutions. E-learning is an online solution that enables a user to complete the outcomes of a specific learning program in their own time and pace.

Ansie Snyders, Head of the Department for Training and Seminars at Sage VIP says that it made business sense to develop an online training solution which is innovative and aligned with world-class technology. According to a 2012 Internet Access in South Africa study, conducted by World Wide Worx, the South African Internet user base had grown from 6,8-million in 2010 to 8,5-million at the end of 2011. World Wide Worx also forecasted in the same study that the strong growth would continue during 2012, and the Internet user base would pass the 10-million mark by the end of that year. Further to this point, Snyders says the way in which we interact with technology every day is changing and it influences all aspects of our lives, including the way we learn.

Snyders continues, “E-learning is a cost-effective solution, saving on class fees and travel costs. However, it still requires a commitment from the learner in terms of time and actual completion of the course. The online assessment is an added benefit to Sage VIP’s e-learning solution and at completion of the course; students will receive a certificate of competence.”

Furthermore, Snyders states that because this is online training you will need access to a computer with internet connectivity. Once you have registered for the e-learning workshop, a login name and password provided by Sage VIP, will allow you access to the specific workshop.  To be able to complete the course, you will also need Adobe v4.0.1.

Snyders says that although the training is done online, it will still be practical, interactive and use real-life examples. Sage VIP’s e-learning tools will include online reading material and limited use of video, basically guiding a learner through the relevant screens of the payroll module. There will also be interesting exercises to test the understanding of specific topics and the learner will receive supporting documents for reference purposes.

“Sage VIP’s e-learning will make the subject matter come alive in a way that textbooks and the classroom cannot,” concludes Snyders.

The first phase of e-learning will cover the basic payroll module. It mainly revolves around a checklist comprising of all the steps required in order to complete a pay run. This checklist forms an integral part of the daily routine of the payroll administrator and is a must for all users of the VIP Software.

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Sage VIP introduces cost effective e-learning training solutions