Infor helps Ferrari report sizable production increases

High Quality Production Demands Met Using Infor LN and ION 

Infor, a leading provider of business application software, has announced that Infor has helped Ferrari achieve substantial production growth using Infor LN and Infor ION. Ferrari leveraged its ERP upgrade to Infor LN to meet a growing global demand and increases in production quantity without compromising on quality.

Infor provides Ferrari with the unique capability to build 7,000 individual custom-configured vehicles a year in sequence while maintaining high operating line efficiencies and full sequencing with the supply chain. Ferrari is confident that the speed of transition from Baan to LN will contribute a significant rise in annual production volumes expected especially on the engine production side.

News Points

  • Infor LN, together with Infor ION – Infor’s Intelligent Open Network which provides connectivity between Ferrari’s software applications, enables Ferrari to build individual custom configuration vehicles in sequence (in conjunction with the MES – Manufacturing Execution System), while maintaining a high level of operating line efficiencies within the supply chain. With Infor, Ferrari does not rely on multiple external sequencing, allowing for a decrease in complexity, risk, errors and cost.
  • Ferrari uses Infor to raise efficiency throughout the organisation. From order taking and manufacturing to the supply chain and providing the finished cars to customers. The process improvements allow Ferrari to obtain logistical supply chain efficiency at all stages of manufacturing.
  • Ferrari uses ION to provide connectivity between Infor and non-Infor applications, providing integrated business processes such as order configuration, advanced planning and scheduling, assembly line scheduling and sequencing and asset maintenance and management.
  • The solution will also enable Ferrari to optimise the supply chain processes, supporting the increase of production of engines for other members of the FIAT group such as Maserati.

Ferrari Quote

“Infor has enabled us to reduce the number of anomalies in the system, further allowing us to streamline the production process further,” said Vittorio Boero, chief information officer, Ferrari. “Not only has Infor helped us to increase production, but also helped us to established better relationships between many business departments and IT.”

Infor Quote

“Ferrari is constantly in demand for greater agility in its production processes. Infor’s products allow them to not only increase speed and efficiency but it also helps them to maintain a high level of production quality,” said Warren Smith, director of global automotive market strategy, Infor. “Our companies have a great relationship supported by close communication so changes can be made more efficiently. We have the right ways of working in place to continue to make Ferrari highly effective in satisfying their global customer demands.”

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Infor helps Ferrari report sizable production increases