Multisource’s new Alcoma range offers banks a long-term solution to data transfer inefficiencies

Data transfer between banking headquarters, branches and ATMs need no longer be hindered by lengthy license applications, congested bands and interference, thanks to the introduction of the new Alcoma 17GHz products, now exclusively available in South Africa from wireless communication specialist Multisource Telecoms.

Designed as a high capacity carrier grade backhaul data link system, this range offers links in the freely available and uncongested band of 17GHz. Not only are these frequencies licence-free and largely unused, they are also well outside of the frequency interferences of the mass-market 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz Multipoint Access market.

“The availability of interference-free data, voice and video communications is a welcome development in the face of the hugely noisy radio environment, especially in the cities where so many organisations are forced to make use of the licensed frequencies,” said Richard Smuts-Steyn, chief executive officer of Multisource.

“In addition to enhancing productivity levels, efficient data transfer offers banks the opportunity to improve their customer service, which is one of the most powerful strategies for retaining and attracting new customers in the fiercely competitive banking industry,” he added.

The carrier grade quality of the system allows for data throughputs of 660 megabits per second and are full duplex, giving over one gigabit per second of aggregate throughput. The system is capable of carrying jumbo data packets without significant decreases in actual throughput, even in adverse weather conditions.

Furthermore, the Alcoma 17GHz range offers banks the most cost-effective means of maintaining and extending their network coverage, even to places where Internet connectivity is non-existent. The use of the unlicenced band eliminates licencing fees and the inevitable months-long wait for the licence to be issued.

Operating in the unlicenced band also allows for hassle-free linking up of new branches and ATMs, as well as relocation of ATMs, unlike in the case of licenced bands, where registered links are site specific and non-transferable.

“The Alcoma 17GHz range is a long term solution to our noisy radio environments – this higher frequency presents a very narrow radio pattern and so interference between links on same site and same frequency is extremely low,” Smuts-Steyn said.

Czech-based Alcoma, a global leader in the provision of wireless solutions for Ethernet, PDH, and SDH networks has been designing and producing point-to-point microwave radio relay links and radio equipment for the past two decades. As the sole distributor of Alcoma products in South Africa, Multisource is now brings these products to the African market.

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Multisource’s new Alcoma range offers banks a long-term solution to data transfer inefficiencies