Truteq Devices introduces a next-generation wireless security system

TruTeq Devices, which focuses on providing wireless connectivity solutions to all market sectors, has launched a wireless security system that is believed to be the next-generation of alarm systems.

This follows the signing of an exclusive Sub Sahara African distribution agreement with US-based Axesstel, the manufacturers of the Axesstel wireless alert security system.

Derick Roberts, CEO of TruTeq Devices, said the wireless alarm system ,which is now available in South Africa ,piggy-backs off the GSM and CDMA networks.

“We have launched two products in the Axesstel range, one to be deployed as a CDMA-driven device, and the other as a GSM-driven device. This security solution,” added Roberts, “is essentially aimed at the 40 million people in South Africa who currently do not have any type of alarm system, or who cannot afford a traditional alarm system.”

He said the system comes as a DIY kit and can be installed by the user himself in no time at all. It uses SMS alerts and can be remotely armed or disarmed via a cellular phone.

The system can alert up to eight people of any intrusion, meaning it is perfect to be linked to a neighborhood watch, and can also be linked to traditional armed response units.

What makes these alert systems very unique is the ability to be upgraded like our mobile phones are currently upgraded every 2 years typically as the home owner’s economy grows or as the home expands through alterations for e.g. and needs change.

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Truteq Devices introduces a next-generation wireless security system