iStore uses iGroup’s zeroPoint enterprise grade platform for its online business

iGroup delivers a multichannel online presence for Apple Premium Reseller, iStore, adding value to their comprehensive service offering.

iGroup, the innovative technology-driven digital solutions company and provider of eBusiness solutions, recently announced the launch of iStore’s online store, developed on iGroup’s zeroPoint enterprise grade platform complete with multichannel facilities.

iStore can now indulge online shoppers in the full Apple product range offered in-store. The online store will offer online shoppers a personalised experience, using algorithms the system anticipates user requirements to ensure that every iStore customer is offered products, services and promotions tailored to their preferences and needs.

In line with the exclusivity of their existing in-store and online service offering, iStore has partnered with Discovery to give iStore customers and Discovery Credit Card members the opportunity to save by offering 0% interest on all online purchases over a 12 month period. This is an exclusive offer not available from any other merchant in South Africa.

“The launch of iStore’s online store marks the start of the evolution of our service offering. We have placed great emphasis on the rollout of the iStore in the digital space”, says Rutger-Jan van Spaandonk, iStore Director. “Our customers often challenge us to develop ways to improve our service offering in order to keep up with the ever-changing climate of technology. iGroup was able to provide us with a platform to exceed our customers’ expectations, while ensuring that our digital presence is equipped for future technological developments.”

iGroup worked in close partnership with Core Group to ensure that the new website will offer customers an unique shopping experience. This is supported by a flexible, centralised, strong back-end and process-managed system to assist in overseeing the administration of the entire eBusiness platform and purchasing process. Developed over 16 years, the system is tailored for eBusiness systems and covers all functionality needed to ensure simple and effective management. Along with the tailored bank grade secured payment mechanisms and delivery systems, iStore can offer online shoppers an effortless shopping experience.

“We are pleased that the launch of the online store on the zeroPoint platform has gone so smoothly and that we are able to support the on-going digital ambitions of a company with values rooted in innovation and superior service offerings”, says Marc Seymour, CEO of iGroup.

The iStore online store is live and customers can now enjoy an online shopping experience that will evolve with them, ensuring they receive superior service.


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iStore uses iGroup’s zeroPoint enterprise grade platform for its online business