Bytes Document Solutions partners with XLMEA to help customers grow digital printing business

Bytes Document Solutions (BDS), Africa’s leading document management technology and services company and the largest Xerox distributor in the world has contracted XLMEA, a global management consulting firm specialising in graphic communications in emerging markets, to provide business development training and consulting to its current and prospective customers. The partnership will enable Bytes Document Solutions to help customers to grow their digital printing businesses by maximising their return on investment in Xerox digital technology.

“Our customers’ success is our success,” says Paul Haglich, production systems marketing manager at Bytes Document Solutions. “By offering these services we can help them to ramp up their digital printing business and provide training to assist in broadening their range of printing and marketing communication services. In addition, we aim to guide them on how to achieve the highest productivity from their technology investments.” Following the global economic crisis, printing companies have indicated that there is a need to expand their focus to other markets and sectors and offer higher value and higher quality products. “Instead of competing by merely offering lower prices, which is not sustainable, these companies should focus on improving and expanding the services they offer, and thereby differentiate themselves from their competitors,” says Haglich.

XLMEA’s approach is hands-on in real business situations and it focuses on interactions with printing company management and staff in ‘real business live’ situations, rather than classroom-based training.

For example, the company examines the technology employed and makes recommendations that improve productivity, encompassing work-flows, print management and technology utilisation. It also offers hands-on training for digital printing sales staff and will accompany sales people on sales calls to provide live coaching.

XLMEA has an impeccable track record and employs highly skilled business consultants that bring over 20 years’ sales, marketing, application development and strategic business integration to developing markets. The company is independent and its recommendations are unbiased and highly confidential.

“We look forward to XLMEA commencing this programme in SA,” says Haglich. “We are confident that it will be well received by customers and help them to take their businesses to new heights.”

An XLMEA representative will be in attendance at the Africa Print exhibitions and customers will be invited to explore these opportunities further.

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Bytes Document Solutions partners with XLMEA to help customers grow digital printing business