How to become your customer’s default option

It’s now widely accepted in marketing circles that reaching customers on their mobile phones is essential – and the secret to success for most small businesses, says Lee Hartman of Connecto, “is becoming your customer’s default option”.

“Repeat business and referrals are the foundations of success,” says Hartman. “The goal of any business should be to build a long-term relationship with each customer. Instead of saying ’I need a plumber’, they should say ‘I need MY plumber’.”

To make the most of that moment, says Hartman, small businesses need to ensure that their contact details are always within easy reach. “If your customer has to turn to Google, you are competing against every other service provider in town,” he says. “

“You need to make things as quick, simple and painless as possible,” he adds. “The more action steps a person has to take before they can contact you, the more chances there are for getting distracted or going somewhere else. The goal should be to eliminate the gap between ‘I need my plumber‘ and dialling your number.”

Hartman says the Connecto mobile app, recently launched in the Apple, Android and Blackberry app stores, enables any business to set up a contact profile on their customers’ phones.

“Once you are on someone’s phone, your business becomes their default provider,” he says. “The result is more repeat business.”

An added benefit of using Connecto, he says, is that businesses can use their profiles to send messages to their customers. “In-app messages are read four times more often than email,” he says. “This makes it a uniquely powerful communications tool – without the need to develop your own expensive app.”

“Most small businesses list their customers as their biggest asset, but they aren’t making strong enough connections with these customers, says Hartman. “Connecto makes this possible – and easy”.

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How to become your customer’s default option