New eVerge digital two-way radios by Vertex Standard

Vertex Standard continues its commitment to developing land mobile radios (LMR) that are precision-engineered for more value with the introduction of its new eVerge digital two-way radio series. The new eVerge digital radio portfolio includes the EVX-530 series portable radios; EVX-5300/5400 series mobile radios and EVX-R70 repeater for a complete digital system. These new radios are designed to work with existing analogue radios for easy conversion from analogue to digital for added convenience. eVerge radios are ideally suited for commercial and industrial customers who currently use basic 2-way radio for voice communications and could benefit from better audio quality, better coverage and more privacy without incurring higher equipment costs.

“We built the eVerge radio series to be highly compatible for customers who need greater flexibility and maximum value. The name eVerge is comprised of two principles: evolve to change and emerge to be known.” explains Paul De Carte, EMEA distribution director for Vertex Standard LMR, Inc. “It is important that radio users understand that not all digital radios are the same, and not all brands of digital radios will talk to each other in digital mode. eVerge digital radios help customers evolve to better communication and do digital right the first time – getting the right radio with the right protocol and right performance – all at a better cost to connect without compromise.”

eVerge Digital Radio Portfolio Overview:

eVerge radios support easy, efficient conversion from analogue to digital operating in both digital and analogue modes enabling users to migrate to digital at their own pace to best support their functional and financial needs.
They are also designed to help customers use the right digital protocol, TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access), for optimum power and spectrum efficiency. TDMA is compliant with the DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) Tier 2 standard so eVerge digital radios are compatible with more than 74% of digital radios used worldwide. TDMA also maximizes user performance with double the call capacity in one frequency channel to support two simultaneous digital conversations without relicensing or rebanding.

The eVerge portable EVX-530 series and mobile EVX-5300/5400 series are compact in size while designed to deliver more capabilities and flexibility for enhanced communications including:

  • Better call quality versus analogue. Ultra clear digital signals cut out static and interference and preserve voice quality over a greater range. eVerge radios also feature AMBE+2 vocoder technology to further improve voice quality in noisy environments.
  • Enhanced call management capabilities to control who hears what is transmitted on a channel. Digital delivers the ability to place direct calls to a specific individual or to select groups of radios without distracting others. Text messaging allows users to communicate when unable to talk freely or document a conversation by radio.
  • Enhanced privacy when operating in digital mode without the need for extra encryption hardware. Only the intended recipient(s) hears what is transmitted without the risk of impacting voice quality that can be experienced with analogue encryption.
  • EVX-530 series key features include up to 40% longer battery life operating in digital mode and IP 57 fresh water submersible for 1 meter up to 30 minutes. Plus the entire eVerge series provides a complete suite of safety alert capabilities: one-touch emergency, lone worker and Vertex Standard exclusive ARTS.
  • Exclusive Auto Range Transpond System (ARTS) monitoring that enables users to always know their connection status with other ARTS-enabled radios. eVerge™ also includes ARTS II that operates in both digital and analog modes to alert users when they are no longer in range to communicate.

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New eVerge digital two-way radios by Vertex Standard