Targeted communtity advertising key to small business growth

With around 440 000 small businesses closing their doors over the past five years, small business owners should constantly be on the lookout for innovative ways to create brand and service awareness among consumers, in order to avoid forced closure.

Despite tough economic conditions stifling business growth, local communities in which businesses operate still present a host of opportunities to attract loyal customers and increase profitability. This is according to Russel Berman, Sales Director of Spark ATM Systems, speaking at the launch of Spark Media – a specialised ATM screen advertising platform.

“More often than not, support from the local community is more sustainable and lends itself to an increase in customer loyalty. Business owners just need to seek out mechanisms to grow support from their local communities,” says Berman.

He explains that a mechanism often disregarded and undermined by businesses, is advertising opportunities presented by ATM machines. “Advertising on ATM screens is 10 times more effective than billboards. Customers usually spend approximately 23 seconds withdrawing cash at an ATM, which is also an extremely effective time to be presented with advertising.”

In addition, Berman notes that advertising on an ATM screen offers a focused, one-on-one interaction with targeted audiences. “Customers withdrawing cash from an ATM are also more prone to make impulsive buying decisions motivated by an advertisement seen on the screen.

“What makes Spark Media effective and unique is its immediate community focus. Businesses are able to advertise on ATMs in the area in which they operate, attracting customers directly to their premises. Contrary to the more generic, mass forms of advertising, ATM screen advertising provides small businesses a more targeted platform to advertising their company and services.”

He explains that by attaining the support of a local community through advertising, small businesses have a better chance to grow their businesses as they receive increased support and custom.

“By seeking out innovative means of creating business exposure and not underestimating the influence and loyalty local communities hold, small businesses are able to increase their chances of creating a successful undertaking exponentially,” concludes Berman.

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Targeted communtity advertising key to small business growth