WD sponsors gaming team, Soul Slayers

WD, a Western Digital company, has sponsored a South African gaming team called Soul Slayers by donating six WD VelociRaptor hard drives which will give the team the technological competitive edge to advance.

WD VelociRaptor drives offer an unmatched combination of high performance and high reliability, perfect for gaming computers. Soul Slayers was formed in 2008 and offer members the opportunity to compete in a variety of online games as well as a platform to discuss technology and review hardware.

Soul Slayers was born from the idea of creating a fun environment where gamers from all over the country can share a common interest and compete with an online gaming community. The group, or clan, consists of approximately 65 members.

“WD VelociRaptor drives are ideal for high-performance gaming and thus a perfect choice for Soul Slayers. They deliver high performance and feature large capacities to ensure fast load up and less lagging,” says Kalvin Subbadu, WD Components Sales Manager – South Africa.

Says Francois Simegi, also known as ‘Stormchaser’ from the Soul Slayers, “We felt that WD is the most popular drive on the market and we aim to only use best-in-class products in our gaming rigs.”

The Soul Slayers will be participating in the Telkom DGL (DO GAMING League) and their Battlefield 3 (BF3) and Call of Duty 4 (COD4) teams are currently participating in the league competitions. The Soul Slayers compete as often as possible even with friendly games or internal clan matches. The team competes every season in the various gaming competitions on the market.

Soul Slayers is continually growing in numbers as people of all ages are offered a stable environment where both amateur and professional gamers can participate in friendly and competitive games and have fun together. Soul Slayers also get together on a social level, playing Local Area Network (LAN) games where groups of members get together and play games online with each other and sometimes gather in person for paintball.

“We pay for all our own gaming servers are sponsored by iGame Online Gaming and invite members of the South African community to join and test their ‘metal’ on all levels. This, in turn, offers a fun, competitive and clean environment for all gamers in South Africa to play in. Our gaming environment is also safe for youngsters as we do not condone swearing or blasphemy on any of our gaming servers,” says Justin van Tonder, also known as ‘Trompie’ from Soul Slayers.

“Soul Slayers is a leading gaming team in Johannesburg and pairing them with our WD VelociRaptor hard drives is the perfect match. This sponsorship will also provide WD with the opportunity to showcase the hard drives’ performance in the gaming arena. We hope to continue this relationship in the future and further support Soul Slayers,” concludes Subbadu

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WD sponsors gaming team, Soul Slayers