iGroup nominated as the eBusiness partner for Dis-Chem’s online store

Leading South African Pharmacy Ensures That It’s Online Shop Extends Their Service Offering

iGroup, the innovative technology-driven digital solutions company and provider of eBusiness solutions, recently announced that Dis-Chem, the South African pharmacy, health and beauty retailer, has launched a new online store running on iGroup’s zeroPoint enterprise grade platform.

Dis-Chem decided to introduce their online store with the dual objectives of improving their shoppers’ experience and developing a multi-channel online presence that can convert to sales. After a rigorous audit, Dis-Chem selected iGroup to help the company achieve these goals. Both the zeroPoint platform’s flexibility and its functionality were powerful reasons for the selection, among others. With an increased focus on the importance of securing customer data, especially in the health sector, iGroup has been able to give Dis-Chem peace-of-mind by offering tailored bank grade secured payment mechanism and delivery systems on a multi-channel enabled platform, giving their customers ease of access, no matter where they are.

Managing Director of Dis-Chem, Ivan Saltzman, acknowledged the need for identifying a company that will be able to provide his business with a superior eBusiness solution, “We have defined objectives; we want to extend the unique user and brand experience whilst driving efficiency in our business. Numerous industry experts have noted that protecting those in the medical community will be a major focus area in the near future. The risks can be potentially damaging to various entities and people that no company involved in the sector can afford. We are therefore taking the necessary steps in aligning ourselves with best practices in order to avoid these risks. iGroup supports this vision.”

The Dis-Chem online store is partially integrated with the POS system used in-store, allowing pricing and new product information to be updated automatically. This system, connected with Dis-Chem Head Office, allows efficient management of stock levels. In future, Dis-Chem will be able to bring together physical stores, the online store and head office operations and will help the pharmacies to develop new sales channels while focusing on customer engagement.

“Working closely with Dis-Chem, we look forward to our platform continuing to help Dis-Chem achieve its eBusiness goals,” said Marc Seymour, iGroup CEO. “Dis-Chem’s new online store compliment the company’s information website and we couldn’t be happier that our zeroPoint enterprise grade platform is underpinning their objective to create positive consumer experiences and turn online browsers into buyers, regardless of their location.”

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iGroup nominated as the eBusiness partner for Dis-Chem’s online store