DCC announces the distribution of the first digital LED white toner printers

Distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) has announced the release of OKI’s industry first range of digital LED white toner printers. Targeted at the Small Medium Enterprise (SME), the OKI C711WT and Pro920WT offers high-quality output, robustness and affordability and suited for graphic-based industries.

“The release of the latest OKI printers allow users to print in solid, sharp and bright white as easily as with a standard colour printer. This ‘first of its kind’ printer allows for the expansion of a previously highly specialist, complex and costly market,” says Heinrich Pretorius, OKI Product Specialist at DCC.

Previously, products have been based on inkjet, dye sublimation or transfer film-ready technologies which can become a costly exercise both to purchase and to maintain. The OKI white-toner based printers are easy to use, versatile and no drying time is required which ensures fast and cost-effective printing.

First-time owners in large or small business or organisations looking to expand their in-house printing are able to purchase the OKI white-toner based printers at an affordable price with advantages such as faster printing, consistent high quality prints and robust performance.

The OKI printers are able to handle a broad range of media including photo’s, layout proofs, film printing, packaging, window graphics, clear film and T-Shirt transfers. These printers create an opportunity for users to improve their competitiveness by printing high-quality materials in-house.

The OKI Pro-Colour Pro920WT A3 digital colour printer and OKI C711WT A4 digital colour printer allows for direct transfers to fabric applications, signage and films. The Pro920WT and C711WT offers HD colour printing, white toner for textile printing and white transfer mode for speciality media, reducing costs in the workplace.
“The OKI printers are a time-saving solution against other competitive solutions, ultimately saving users money and cutting down on labour requirements. These printers offer the flexibility in printing, proofing and production for in-house designers, graphic designers and organisations,” concludes Pretorius.

The OKI ProColour Pro920WT A3 printers and OKI C711WT A4 printers are available immediately from DCC and retails for approximately R74 000.00 and R38 000.00 respectively. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

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DCC announces the distribution of the first digital LED white toner printers