DHL gets proactive with Pvision

Pvision and Shellard Media have concluded an implementation at DHL’s Johannesburg headquarters which has fundamentally altered the manner in which the logistics giant reacts to potential challenges.

Local display technology provider, PVision, has formally concluded an agreement with Shellard Media and global logistics giant DHL to equip a newly launched Johannesburg based Quality Control Centre with state of the art equipment intended to considerably enhance internal operations.

The implementation, which comprises of eight ultra-narrow bezel 46” LCD displays in a 4X2 configuration, acts as the central nervous system for a revolutionary internal management platform. This enables DHL to maintain a consistent overview of global shipping routes, dispatch floors, developing weather patterns, natural disasters and international news relating to key DHL accounts.

Significantly, the DHL Quality Control Centre is among the first of its kind in Southern Africa and has fundamentally altered the manner in which the company’s local arm reacts to potential challenges, says Donnaven Periasamy – DHL Sub Saharan Africa Quality Control Centre Manager.

“The DHL SSA Quality Control Centre has enabled us to respond more proactively. Naturally, the video wall implemented by Shellard Media and Pvision is our first point of contact. Using the eight adjoined displays at our disposal we are able to immediately notice if a shipment is running late, has failed to reach its destination or has been delayed due to an unforeseen circumstance”.

“Our internal systems are supported by a live video feed of the Johannesburg dispatch floor and news monitoring on all major networks to detect natural disasters or political developments. The benefit to both DHL and its customers has been significant” concludes Periasamy.

According to Imtiyaz Ranjamia, DHL SSA It Services Manager, the implementation process was swift and problem-free.

“Both Shellard Media and Pvision moved quickly to ensure that the DHL Quality Control Centre was equipped with the necessary technology by the agreed upon deadline. We have yet to experience any issues with the displays or supporting equipment and are extremely satisfied with the high levels of service these companies offered”.

Pvision director, David Ross, believes that the DHL Quality Control Centre is a primary example of what can be achieved when large organisations embrace new technologies.

“We are extremely proud to have worked with both Shellard Media and DHL on this implementation. It’s a fantastic illustration of how display technology can completely revolutionise challenging working environments”.

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DHL gets proactive with Pvision