JDA Software announces integrated product roadmap

First fully integrated planning, execution solutions following JDA-RedPrairie merger will be available by early 2014

The Supply Chain Company, announced the release of its integrated product roadmap following the merger with RedPrairie.

Since the completion of the RedPrairie merger on December 21, 2012, JDA has been focused on bringing together the two companies’ product portfolios to create one global leader in supply chain, retail merchandising, store operations and all-channel commerce solutions.

“From the onset, we knew product integrations for JDA and RedPrairie had to go beyond business as usual to create a solutions portfolio that is transformative to our customers and the industry as a whole,” said Jean-Francois Gagne, chief product officer, JDA Software. “Instead of inward-facing analysis to determine the product roadmap, we put our customers at the centre of every decision. The end result is an integration, innovation and development path prioritised by six key solution areas and underscored by the universal advantages of integrated planning and execution, improved supplier collaboration and cloud-readiness that resonate across our customer base.”

The six critical solution areas that make up the product roadmap are based on JDA customers’ greatest challenges and where the company can offer the most value. These areas are retail planning, retail execution, commerce, warehouse, transportation and manufacturing/distribution. With more than 130 products comprising the JDA portfolio, customers can reduce their total cost of ownership and implementation headaches by partnering with a single provider that can optimise the flow of goods from raw materials to finished products and into the hands of consumers – through any channel.

One of the most significant milestones outlined in the product roadmap is the Q1 2014 delivery of the company’s first fully integrated planning and execution offering, combining JDA’s supply chain planning (SCP) solutions and transportation management system (TMS) with RedPrairie’s warehouse management system (WMS).

The successful integration of these supply chain planning and execution solutions will offer companies unmatched advantages in the following areas:

  • Zero latency between planning and execution processes (and workflows) across supply chain planning, transportation management and warehouse management
  • Improved service and reduced costs through closed-loop integrated planning and execution
  • Shared services for more accurately projecting inventory and demand
  • Intelligent, prioritised task assignments to decision-makers and users
  • New continuous replenishment approach
  • Common visibility of urgency and importance across supply chain planning, transportation management and warehouse management

“Since there was minimal overlap in the JDA and RedPrairie solution portfolios, the integration process allowed us to address questions such as: What planning and execution integrations will create the fastest speed to value for our customers? What are the technology innovations that are not only going to give our customers competitive advantage today, but also in 5-10 years?” said John Kopcke, executive vice president and chief technology officer, JDA Software. “Given JDA’s experience in integrating market leading solutions, as evident by the release of JDA eight that combines more than 30 legacy and acquired products on a single platform, we can provide our customers with answers to these questions. Because of the synergy that exists between these products, we plan to bring even greater innovation and value to our customers who will soon be on their way to realising all the benefits the JDA-RedPrairie merger has to offer.”

While JDA aggressively pursues product integrations and innovations as outlined in the new roadmap, JDA chief executive officer Hamish Brewer makes it clear that the convergence of JDA and RedPrairie will not come at the expense of customers, neither in terms of cost or the level of service each customer receives.

“JDA will support all products with the highest level of service that our customers have come to expect,” said Brewer. “Customers will be given the opportunity to transition and upgrade based on their business needs and timelines consistent with JDA’s standard upgrade processes and cycles. Because we’ve designed product trajectories with our customers’ needs in mind, we’re confident that the world’s leading retailers, manufacturers and distributors will be in lock-step with JDA as we transform their greatest challenges into competitive advantage and new opportunities.”

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JDA Software announces integrated product roadmap