Triple4’s Hosted Virtual Resources offering more value to infrastructure as a service

Too often clients want to invest in hosting their infrastructure in a data centre or an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution without really thinking it through, says Scott Orton, Sales Director at Triple4. “We have seen customers put their servers, intellectual property and data in a solution hosted by a provider thinking that their data is safe and nothing can happen to it because it is in a highly available “always on” solution. Customers think because it is hosted, the service provider takes care of everything. Usually that is not the case and the hosting requirement is only part of an infrastructure solution. “

With this in mind, Triple4 have changed their IaaS solution to include more value and more worry free options for clients. “We believe that if a customer chooses to host with a provider of virtual resources, it should be worry free; it should include a good stack of options,” adds Orton.

Triple4’s Hosted Virtual Resources provides customers the ability to choose the amount of memory they need for their hosting environment and they can use it with however many virtual machines they need based on the amount of memory selected. Each Resource pool gains the following benefits:

  • Dedicated bandwidth per customers
  • Included storage per GB of memory
  • Ability to increase storage and memory on demand
  • Included enterprise class Backupwith two weeks retention period
  • Included enterprise class managed firewall solution
  • Optional bolt on for our managed services which provides a full support mechanism

“By bundling all the services that truly add value to a customers hosting requirements we create a worry free enterprise grade cloud-hosting platform,” concludes Orton.

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Triple4’s Hosted Virtual Resources offering more value to infrastructure as a service