Fast, affordable, future-proof data backup and recovery– the Del DR410

In an age where information is currency and operations continue 24 hours a day, seven days a week, data volumes are constantly increasing and organisations need to ensure constant data availability and integrity while dealing with growing demand for storage. Coupled with the mission-critical nature of business information, this means data backup and recovery have become vital to organisations of all sizes. The Dell DR4100 from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) addresses all of these challenges, delivering reliable, secure disk backup and data recovery with integrated de-duplication and compression technology, offering fast and affordable backup, storage and recovery for the small, medium and large enterprise markets alike.

“Ensuring data availability and integrity while meeting capacity constraints and ensuring backup is completed timeously is a challenge faced by companies of all sizes. By removing redundant data from backup through integrated de-duplication, and through intelligent compression, the Dell DR4100 can drastically reduce storage footprints, while at the same time allowing backup to remain online for longer. This provides faster and more reliable access to data while meeting backup and recovery imperatives and ensuring data integrity and security,” says Jaco Erasmus, Dell Enterprise Sales at DCC.

The DR4100 is a high-performance disk-based backup solution that is easy to deploy and manage, with remote setup and management capabilities. Features include innovative firmware and all-inclusive licensing for improved total cost of ownership, delivering optimal functionality while eliminating the hidden cost of future upgrades. Advanced de-duplication can help organisations to achieve data reduction levels of up to 15:1, reducing media usage, power and cooling requirements as well as physical storage footprint.

“The benefits of de-duplication can extend across the enterprise as well through the DR4100 de-duplicated replication function, to provide a complete backup solution for multi-site environments. By replicating only de-duplicated data, network bandwidth is reduced and disaster recovery time is improved as well. The DR4100 enables fast, daily replication of backups for an easy to implement and cost effective disaster recovery solution compared to traditional tape methods,” says Erasmus.

Other features include a Graphic User Interface (GUI) that provides an overview of the system, including system status, hardware and software alerts, storage capacity and important system information. The DR4100 also automatically monitors the health of the hardware and verifies the integrity of system software, sending critical issues via email and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps for immediate notification.

“The DR4100 is a purpose-built backup target appliance ideally suited for customers wishing to lower the physical footprint of their backups through de-duplication and compression. It also offers flexible and seamless capacity expansion, enabling easy scalability up to a petabyte of logical capacity, perfect for growing organisations. This pay-as-you-grow model enables enterprises to expand capacity based on business demand for a future-proof, affordable data storage, backup and disaster recovery solution,” Erasmus concludes.

The Dell DR4100 is available immediately in five usable capacity points: 2.7TB, 5.4TB, 9TB, 18TB and 27TB from selected Drive Control Corporation resellers and solution providers. Pricing starts from R235 000.00 inclusive of VAT.

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Fast, affordable, future-proof data backup and recovery– the Del DR410