Samsung provides a converged gaming experience

Link your mobile device to your TV

Thanks to a new range of gaming titles on the Samsung Apps store, Samsung Electronics South Africa says local consumers are now able to integrate their mobile devices with their Smart TVs and take their entertainment experience to a new level.

“Companies are quick to talk about the converged lifestyle without really understanding what it means. At Samsung, we are committed to providing our customers with an experience unlike any other – giving them the ability to use their mobile devices and Smart TV sets to talk to one another and engage with games like never before,” says Lance Berger, Head of Product Marketing TV/AV at Samsung Electronics South Africa. “This means that the mobile device becomes an extension of the game on the TV and gets the whole family involved in something fun and interactive.”

For example, a person can use their Samsung smartphone or tablet to control what is happening on the TV set at the time. In Monopoly, the dice is rolled on the mobile device and the board is visible on the TV. For a Black Jack Party, the cards of a person are displayed on the mobile device while the TV becomes the ‘table’.

However, these converged experiences extend to beyond board and card games. There are also several apps based on the 2012 London Games including Archery and Shooting that sees the mobile device become an extension of the action that is happening on the TV. Other family favourites to utilise this technology include Bubble Pop, Shaking, Gunman: The Legend Begins, Lumberjack: The Mighty Bear, Air Force, and You’re Fired to name but a few. The little ones are also not excluded and can also experience this interactivity through exciting titles such as Three Little Pigs and Gingerbread Man.

“People demand so much more from their entertainment experiences than in the past. With Samsung, we are showing them how easy and integrated the connected lifestyle becomes with our devices. It is no longer just a case of families playing electronic games on their own, rather we provide the gateway to fun family game nights with the latest technology and product innovation,” concludes Berger.

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Samsung provides a converged gaming experience