Edge Evolve and MDM sign data management solution partnership agreement

Master Data Management, a specialist solutions provider for data governance, data quality, data integration and Master Data Management (MDM), has signed a partnership agreement with The Edge Evolve Group (Edge Evolve), an organisation with businesses that offer data management and enterprise information services. MDM is the official distributor of Trillium Software in Africa and this partnership will provide Edge Evolve with access to the software on a ‘term license’ basis, providing the company and their clients with a cost effective tool to scope data intensive projects, conduct data analysis and ensure a smooth project. It will also allow both companies to expand their business by leveraging each other’s partner bases and cross selling services.

Data management is a core focus for Edge Evolve which made it imperative for the company to gain access to best-of-breed tools required for data management projects. The partnership with MDM provides this capability for Edge Evolve, while expanding MDM’s channel to market, particularly in Africa.

Says Gary Allemann, MD at Master Data Management, “Our relationship with Edge Evolve dates back many years. They have steadily expanded their data management capability to become one of very few South African consultancies with genuine data management capabilities. Formalising this relationship was the logical step to take.”

Edge Evolve evaluated various data quality tools currently available that would assist them with their data management projects including spatial intelligence. Location-based intelligence is the next wave in technology. Trillium’s ease of use and ability to work with global address information were critical differentiators that help bridge the gap between relational and spatial data and geocode addresses. These criteria made Trillium the ideal product and it was considered the best tool on the market.

“We have worked with Allemann and MDM for many years and have finally formalised the partnership. The value proposition of this partnership is a powerful one as it combines a best-of-breed data quality platform with the frameworks, professional services and tools that enhance our project outcomes. The result is quicker ‘time to value’ for our clients,” says Herman Badenhorst, head of data management at Edge Evolve.

Spatial intelligence or location-based intelligence is a growing area within data intelligence as it offers companies further information about their customer base and specifically, how their location impacts business decisions. Spatial intelligence can be used for planning, expansions, risk assessments as well as the ability to bring external data and compare this information with a company’s customer base, and then further comparing this to economic and socio economic trends.

Badenhorst adds, “This was a key consideration with our selection criteria of a data management tool. Trillium Software has the strength to cater specifically to South African companies’ needs through the accommodation of English and Afrikaans addresses, further reinforcing our selection of the product.”

The partnership with Edge Evolve and MDM will allow Edge Evolve to not only have access to Trillium Software for internal training and scoping, but also provide the tool to customers for fixed-term projects. Edge Evolve is the first company in South Africa to make use of this model and will allow the company’s clients to leverage the strengths of the Trillium Software System to achieve tactical goals, such as data migrations, without having to commit to a license purchase.

Edge Evolve embarked on certification of five of its consultants, ensuring that they are fully proficient in Trillium Software.


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Edge Evolve and MDM sign data management solution partnership agreement