HANA gives MB Plant SA the Edge

A win for 4most, a win for MB Plant SA

4most’s upcoming installation of the SAP Business One version for SAP HANA at MB Plant SA is the perfect example of the direction that growing businesses in South Africa should be pointing their radars to. As the official and exclusive distributor for New Holland Construction Equipment in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland, MB Plant SA processes a lot of data. They provide a comprehensive line of products and services built around their customer’s requirements for productivity, safety, environmental performance and fuel-cost efficiency. This translates to a massive amount of data that is stored and accessed on a daily basis.

The imperatives for 4most are to accommodate the large amount of information and processing needed to continue smooth operations at MB Plant SA without slowing the functionality of their systems. In addition, MB Plant intends to expand creating a situation where the amount of processed data will be growing exponentially. 4most’s solution for the company is SAP Business One version for SAP HANA, which will be implemented in a phased approach, so as to best accommodate staff familiarising themselves with the new system.

This latest and most innovative offering is creating quite a stir among professional ERP communities because it is set to revolutionise the way business works. In fact, the running capability that it adds to the existing suite of SAP Business One modules has gone beyond product fanatics and caught the attention of small and medium enterprises since BETA ramp up was launched in 2012.

For a start, SAP Business One remains a winning asset for small to medium companies because it has been built from the ground up to accommodate the varied needs of these enterprises on a smaller scale. SAP HANA is a next generation data management platform with no need for data redundancy or extra baggage. Designed from scratch to run entirely in memory – for processing of large amounts of data extremely fast.

A good case in point is how appropriately the product will be integrated at MB Plant SA. In fact, since May 2013, 4most has begun implementation of the first phase, the financial and stock management functionalities, which is currently most needed by the company.

It speaks well for the robust nature of SAP HANA because the functional requirements of the company extend beyond average amounts of data or regularly structured departments. Because of the modular nature of SAP Business One, and HANA in particular, 4most will be able to provide exactly the right server capacity and produce a result that will hold MB Plant SA in good stead as they expand their horizons.

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HANA gives MB Plant SA the Edge