The Kaspersky 7 Volcanoes Expedition – conquering new heights

Kaspersky Lab is scaling new heights – both business and geographical – with the major ‘Kaspersky 7 Volcanoes Expedition’. Last month, Russian mountaineer Olga Rumyantseva successfully completed her ascent of volcano number three – Mount Damavand. The expedition, inspired and sponsored by Kaspersky Lab, will see Olga solo-climb the tallest volcano on each of the seven continents within one year.

On June 19, Olga reached the summit of Damavand, the highest volcano in Asia at 5670 meters. Damavand is not considered to be a difficult climb – it’s possible to walk to the summit and there are several possible routes. However, Olga experienced some difficulties, with a lack of acclimatisation taking its toll. “Almost nobody climbs mountains as high as this in two days,” commented Olga. Despite the difficulties the highest volcano in Asia has been added to the list of successfully completed stages of the Kaspersky 7 Volcanoes Expedition.

Olga Rumyantseva commented on her achievement: “With Kaspersky 7 Volcanoes Expedition I would like to show that everyone can achieve any goals with some determination and support from friends. I’m lucky to feel the inspiration coming from my friends at Kaspersky Lab and all the people following my progress online.”

Kaspersky Lab’s support of a wide range of sporting events and geographic expeditions all over the world reflects the company’s values of overcoming borders and the relentless pursuit of new goals.

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The Kaspersky 7 Volcanoes Expedition – conquering new heights