Bandwidthbar empowers ADSL resellers with enhanced portal

National ISP Bandwidthbar has announced that it has integrated Telkom SA’s Uniweb interface into its ADSL portal, which adds immediate and lasting value to the company’s growing ADSL reseller base.

The inclusion of Telkom Uniweb guarantees users a number of advantages, including the ability to see technical line information from a central administration portal and recreate individual DSLAM ports, without having to bear the brunt of call centre frustrations.

“This facility adds immediate value because it enables user to report line faults to Telkom directly via the system. Resellers can view line Signal to Noise (SNR) margins, loop attenuation and synchronisation speeds, as well as change the speed of unstable lines,” explains Barry Botha, Technical Director of Bandwidthbar.

The portal also indicates the SNR (Signal to noise) margin which can determine the quality of the connection.

“For example if the SNR margin is six and the line has intermittent issues at the current synchronisation speed is 10MB, you can drop the speed on the portal and then recheck the SNR margin. In some cases you can do a port reset and this will resolve some issues. Failing the above you can log a fault and get a fault reference number immediately, so no waiting for call centre operates to assist,” Botha explains.

Adding to its value as a trusted service provider within the telecommunications space, Bandwidthbar has also announced that its Radius solution, described as one of the most comprehensive on the market, is available for leasing.

The company is in a position to offer the entire platform or supply the Radius software.

“As we have stated there is no need to procure expensive hardware, data centre infrastructure, or employ a development team. We offer the entire solution,” adds Botha.


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Bandwidthbar empowers ADSL resellers with enhanced portal