Westcon changes Sentronics name to Westcon Security Solutions

Following its recent merger with Comztek, Westcon Comztek has announced that as part of a bid to restructure and streamline its business practices, the Sentronics business will now form part of Westcon Security Solutions – Electronic, a division of the Westcon Security Solutions Business Practice.

The rationale behind the name change is to provide customers with a single point of contact for all of Westcon Comztek’s security solutions, as well as to offer its resellers access to a broader range of vendor products and solutions offerings, from a larger Westcon Security business unit.

“We do not foresee any impact to our business or to our resellers as a result of the name change, it is merely a logistical switch over our partners and customers were already aware was going to happen,” says Bernard Senekal, managing director at Westcon Security Solutions – Electronic.

“Where we do foresee an impact on our partners is through the access they will now have to a more extensive product line-up as well as a range of solutions such as the CiscoPhysical Security range, for which we have recently been appointed a partner,” he adds.

The Westcon Security Solutions business practice provides a range of category-leading products, technologies and solutions that are designed to protect the clients of Westcon’s resellers business and data from threats inside and outside of their organisation. Westcon Security Solutions is made up of both the Electronic Security Solutions and Network Security Solutions divisions.

The Westcon Security Solutions – Electronic division provides the company’s resellers access to fully integrated, end-to-end enterprise solutions by way of a single management platform. Its current range of offerings include products such as CCTV solutions that are made up of cameras, recording, optics and associated accessories; access control hardware; and storage solutions; all of which are inclusive of hardware and software offerings.

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Westcon changes Sentronics name to Westcon Security Solutions