MobiPay chooses 4most SAP solution for ease of integration

Namibian based E-Money Issuer MobiPay will implement SAP Business One, from 4most, to assist them in the delivery of their integrated E-Money and Mobile Payment and VAS 3rd Party solutions in Namibia.

MobiPay, Namibia’s first licensed and authorised mobile payment solution and E-Money Issuer, provides the local community with the capability to transfer money, pay bills, buy airtime and electricity and make Point of Sale payments. Available across all networks, and compatible with all handsets and models, MobiPay users are able to take advantage of this service from the comfort of their mobile phone.

The extension of financial services to any community, particularly via mobile, brings with it greater flexibility, ease of use and quality of life. By opening doors to opportunities, often business related and perhaps not previously possible, the financial and social empowerment of communities is often accelerated.

Namibia is no exception to the exponential growth experienced in Africa’s mobile phone market, making MobiPay’s mobile payment solution perfectly suited. But convenience brings risk, with security regarded as one of the biggest barriers to entry in the mobile payment market.

As a result, whilst the implementation of SAP Business One will provide the benefit of a core integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) application, enabling and supporting end-to-end business processes, the financial integrity afforded is as important. This will be made possible through provision of controls eliminating any manual intervention during the processing of financial transactions.

“Integration was vital when considering possible options,” says Claus Deckenbrock, Commercial Director at MobiPay. “In addition to a core ERP application, we require integration of our bespoke financial transactional environment and other interfaces directly into the chosen technology.” This will enable MobiPay to secure the way mobile transactions and payments of electricity and other prepaid or post-paid services are made, providing them with an accurate and real-time cash management solution and improving customer efficiencies.

To further ensure integration of their business environment, together with a seamless and streamlined operation, MobiPay will also implement SAP HANA. By taking advantage of the latest in-memory computing technology, it will provide MobiPay with real-time analysis and reporting on the information held in their SAP ERP solution. “Our high transaction volumes generate large amounts of data,” says Deckenbrock. “SAP HANA will enable us to take advantage of the latest in-memory computing technology, providing real-time analysis and reporting on this data, turning it into an asset we can use.”

“Information is power,” adds Eugene Olivier, business development director at 4most, a leading supplier and implementer of SAP Business One and ERP software and technology. “SAP HANA is enabling our customers to access their data, analyse and make sense of it at the touch of a button. It is ensuring faster and more accurate decision making, leading to greater productivity and cost efficiencies.”

“SAP HANA takes our investment with 4most one step further,” adds Deckenbrock. “And will put us in control of our business in a way not previously enjoyed,” he concludes.

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MobiPay chooses 4most SAP solution for ease of integration