Woolworths ups the ante with PVision and One Digital Media.

Retail giant Woolworths has concluded an agreement with One Digital Media and PVision to equip qualifying outlets with LED display technology.

Local display technology provider, PVision, has formally concluded a partnership agreement with One Digital Media – South Africa’s largest provider of digital signage solutions, to equip Woolworths stores with advanced commercial display technology.

The contract, which came into force in February 2012, has so far seen One Digital Media and Pvision implement over one hundred 40 inch LED displays and eight 46 inch LED panels for use in collective video walls situated within strategic retail locations.

Woolworths is always looking at new ways to add value to the customer experience; display technology is an exciting new opportunity. The on-going nature of this agreement will continue to see each player actively contributing towards Woolworths’ vision for a technologically advanced, visually appealing in-store experience. Most of the panels we have installed are located at pay points, allowing customers to view marketing content while awaiting payment – equipping Woolworths with a useful and eye catching marketing and sales tool.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology solutions also require less electricity to operate during extended periods and, in a retail environment, this can result in a significant cost saving when compared to similar solutions.

Pvision Director, David Ross, believes that this partnership is significant in that it heralds a new age for in-store marketing.

“Woolworths is well known for its willingness to embrace innovation. The fact that the company opted for dynamic LED solutions for in-store use is a great example of how display technology can be effectively implemented in a new setting. We are extremely proud and indeed motivated to be working with this retailer in partnership with One Digital Media”.

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Woolworths ups the ante with PVision and One Digital Media.