Turn any printer wireless with Lexmark’s refreshed product range

Business users can now add wireless capability to a selected range of Lexmark’s printers available from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC), thanks to an update across a wide range of laser and multifunction product (MFP) devices. This product refresh, which was rolled out earlier in 2013, offers enhanced functionality, improved usability and an innovation in wireless printer technology – the wireless pod.

“In the past, having the ability to print wirelessly meant purchasing a device with a wireless card, and adding wireless functionality after purchase was a complex and often expensive task. Resellers and distributors also had to keep different models of printer in stock to cater for users who required wireless. Thanks to the innovation of the wireless pod however, this has all changed. This handy USB-style plug-in enables selected Lexmark laser printers and MFPs to be easily converted to wireless as an after-market solution. Upgrading is easy, you simply plug the pod in, and you have wireless printing. This is convenient as it eliminates the requirement for cables and delivers the freedom to print from a PC or notebook that is within the WiFi range,” explains Tyrone Malan, Lexmark Product Specialist at DCC.

The refreshed Lexmark range also includes productivity-enhancing solutions thanks to an enhanced technology platform, and among the new products in their range of smart touch screen printers and MFPs that can be combined with services and the Perceptive Software portfolio to transform time-consuming processes into efficient, automated workflows. Lexmark’s smart MFPs include an intuitive touch screen that provides access to many powerful applications that reduce the complexities of manual processes and improve productivity.

All printers now incorporate 800mHz processors for faster time to print and better job handling, and a single architectural platform to enhance ease of use across the range with a familiar interface. The refreshed range also features Unison toner cartridges, for consistently outstanding print quality from the first page to the last. Unison toner features high transfer qualities to deliver efficient toner to page performance, and the monochrome print system uses a separate toner, imaging unit design and a high-yield fuser to maximise the longevity of components and deliver long-term reliability thanks to the low-friction attribute. The cartridges also offer a dramatically decreased carbon footprint, and the ability to fuse the toner at lower temperatures means that the printers use less energy and are therefore more eco-friendly and sustainable.

“To deliver greater ease of use, many Lexmark printers feature an LCD screen, varying in size from 2.4-inch to 10-inch depending on the device, with many devices incorporating an intuitive touch-screen interface. Furthermore, consumers are getting more ‘bang for their buck’ with additional features that are continuously developed and incorporated into their Lexmark printers and MFP’s,” concludes Malan.


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Turn any printer wireless with Lexmark’s refreshed product range