One Loyalty Rewards partner with DSG to launch a mobile app

Having commissioned Digital Solutions Group (DSG) to develop the One Loyalty Mobi Insurance and Lifestyle app, One Loyalty Rewards is now able to offer clients a professional, customised, mobile application for their customers to download.

The app provides immediate access to emergency and non-emergency services, general insurance information, claims processing and in addition; travel, special offers, discounts and concierge services. The app will also allow clients to introduce new, existing and potential customers to their brand, products and services.

Says Anthony Kotton, MD of One Loyalty Rewards: “We have a legacy to uphold of being able to offer our clients tailored and enhanced solutions, using the latest technology for their customer needs and as such, we were looking for a solution that would assist our clients in helping them achieve these corporate objectives. What better way than to incorporate a mobile element given the demand for anytime, anywhere access? DSG was able to build a customised front-end for our Insurance and Lifestyle application and assisted us in creating a solution that spoke to our specific needs.”

Some of the on-app services include; customised assist services including: immediate response roadside assistance, panic button call functionality, access to 24-hour emergency assistance services, submission of photographs for insurance related incidents such as windscreen, vehicle and home incidents. The user can make changes to their policy and send change-or-update requests including personal, family and dependants details. The app functionality can also allow for additional insurance cover requests, the lodging of a claim and submission thereof to the respective insurer and a built-in geo-locate functionality for immediate location of nearby police stations, fire stations, hospitals and clinics via Google Maps

The app boasts lifestyle elements such as concierge, travel services, access to competitions, special offers and discounts. At a corporate level – the app can also drive your social media strategy by incorporating links to the various social media platforms.

“We work with our clients to find the most appropriate mobile solution that will help them achieve their objective,” says Yaron Assabi, CEO and founder of DSG. “The vision behind this specific application was to develop a mobile solution that would work across all platforms and could be personalised by One Loyalty Rewards clients. By encouraging loyal customers to engage with the brand through their channel of choice, the app will provide an opportunity to build on greater customer experiences resulting in improved brand loyalty and overall return on investment.”

Though this is the launch phase, DSG believes that through extensive use, the app will provide One Loyalty Rewards with business intelligence from the client and customer interactions on the app, which will increase data mining capabilities. This will be assisted by exciting new features that will be available on the next phases of the app which will be made available to customers via updates through the various app stores.

“The mobile application will assist One Loyalty to drive a stronger level of engagement with current and potential clients and continue to fulfil our brand promise to deliver integrated assist and loyalty marketing solutions. DSG has exceptional market knowledge and experience to add value to such a project and we look forward to building a successful relationship,” concludes Kotton.

For more information and to view other features available on the app please visit:!mobi-app/c1zp5

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One Loyalty Rewards partner with DSG to launch a mobile app