Triple4 offers simple and affordable enterprise backups

Ask any IT administrator which task is the most painful for them and the chances are very good they will reply ‘backup’. While this has never been a popular or enjoyable job for the vast majority of those tasked with doing it, backups are also enormously important, with their value often only appreciated when it hasn’t been done properly.

That’s a problem which can be solved with today’s technology, says Scott Orton, sales director at Triple4. “The answer is a managed backup service which ensures backups are always done – and always done properly,” he points out.

All well and good, but Orton says there is one other criterion which isn’t particularly liked by those who sign the cheques. “There’s a definite perception that managed backup means a high cost and therefore doesn’t add as much value as it should. As a result, while many systems administrators are well aware of the availability of backup services, it’s the price that keeps them doing it manually.”

Triple4 is setting out to challenge the status quo by introducing business-grade managed backup services at what Orton describes as an ‘affordable price’. “We’ve taken the approach of providing a simple, affordable, yet enterprise capable backup service,” he confirms.

Simplicity is built into solution, with a straightforward structure designed to meet the backup requirements of the vast majority of customers. Features of the Triple4 backup service include:

  • A single per-gigabyte cost based on customer production data. Triple4 doesn’t charge for the amount of data consumed in its cloud environment
  • All enterprise-class application-aware backups are included
  • Customers can backup locally and replicate to an offsite data centre, all inclusive in the per-gigabyte cost
  • Daily backups are retained for two weeks, monthly backups for 12 months and a yearly backup is retained. This is all-inclusive in the per-gigabyte pricing
  • Day to day management of the solution is included
  • Triple4 provides a ‘pay per use’ Disaster Recovery model that can be added to the backup service for those clients who require it
  • A web portal is available for customers to remotely view and download their data as required.

“We’ve set out to create and deliver a solution that is big on value but small on cost. It is a fully inclusive enterprise-grade backup service that only charges for the amount of data customers are using in production, and not the amount that is stored in the data centre,” says Orton.

So confident is he in the value and performance of the Triple4 backup solution that he says IT administrators (and financial managers) are welcome to contact the company for a free proof of concept. “We think our solution offers great value – and we also think anyone who sees it for themselves and sees the pricing, is inclined to agree.”

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Triple4 offers simple and affordable enterprise backups