Experience collaborative face-to-face customer service on any device with Polycom CloudAXIS from Kathea

Imagine if you could talk to your banker, insurance broker, doctor or teacher face-to-face, from the comfort of your home or office, using your notebook, tablet or Smartphone. Imagine having access to collaboration tools that let you view documents, get scripts or talk about tests and class notes. Imagine if you could have all of the advantages of meeting in person, without the need to travel or wait in queues. Polycom’s innovative new RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite, available exclusively through Kathea’s resellers and channel partners, makes this imaginary world possible and affordable, enhancing customer service and enabling content-rich collaboration for businesses and end users alike.

This software addition to the Polycom RealPresence Suite extends secure, reliable and high-quality enterprise-grade video collaboration (VC) to anyone with a web browser and a web camera. This means that if your broker, banker or anyone else you need to communicate with uses the suite, all they need to do to set up a full-featured collaborative video conference with you is send you a URL link in an instant message, email or calendar invitation, and you simply click-to-connect. It couldn’t’t be easier or more convenient.

“VC offers many benefits to business of all sizes, and to their customers, but applications have been limited in the past, since traditionally in order to participate in a videoconference all users had to be present in a VC room with the necessary end-point devices. The Polycom RealPresence CloudAxis Suite now enables universal access to enterprise-grade, interoperable video collaboration with the highest quality, reliability and security. Businesses simply send a URL link in an email or calendar invitation to anyone with a browser and camera, allowing others to join a secure, video meeting using their Smartphone, tablet, computer or video-room system,” says Alain Schram, Chief Operating Officer at Kathea.

The Polycom RealPresence Platform allows users to easily meet face-to-face with any business or consumer, whether they are on a PC, mobile device or video room system. In addition, by integrating Skype, Facebook and Google Talk contacts in the industry’s first global presence-aware personal directory, the solution combines the click-to-connect convenience of a Web app with the secure experience required for businesses to scale to thousands of video users.

Polycom has also released Video SmartStart, a new turnkey all-inclusive offering that makes it simple and affordable for businesses to install Polycom RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite. Video SmartStart will also be available exclusively through Kathea’s channel, providing everything a business needs to deploy Polycom RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite, including the Polycom RealPresence Platform, and implementation and adoption services.

“This new solution makes the ability to conduct video conferencing and collaboration with customers a reality, by enabling secure enterprise-grade VC for anyone with a browser and a webcam. For customers, this means that appointments such as banking, editing contracts and other interactions that generally require a person to be present can all be conducted from the convenience of the customer’s home or office. Documents can be discussed and amended during the call, removing the need for backwards and forwards communication. Doctors could discuss symptoms with patients and send scripts during the call. Teachers can collaborate with students to discuss lessons or projects. The applications are endless, and we are excited for businesses to start rolling this solution out to their customers,” Schram concludes.

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Experience collaborative face-to-face customer service on any device with Polycom CloudAXIS from Kathea