Nashua Mobile makes mobile technology accessible for SMEs

Nashua Mobile offers a holistic approach for a full business solution. We are able to provide best products and solutions tailor-made for SMEs since we know that these businesses cannot afford any downtime and require their phones and tablets to be functional at all times.

We partner with our Group companies and deliver connectivity and business solutions through Nashua Office Automation and VOIP and cloud/hosted services through Nashua Communications. Nashua Mobile is committed to helping SMEs embrace technology and save them time and money as they progress through the business lifecycle.

Cloud computing has become the latest buzz word when it comes to mobile data technology and Nashua Mobile recognises that it will become a useful and important business tool for SMEs. As a result it has developed several products for this market so that these organisations can take full advantage of the technology.

At this stage the take-up and use of Cloud computing by SMEs has been somewhat slow, with only 9% of SMEs using the cloud, however according to Principal Researcher for the SME Survey, Arthur Goldstuck, the use of it was expected to increase to about 18% by the end of 2012 as SMEs come to realise the huge benefits for their organisations which include reduced costs, improved efficiency and mobile access to information.

‘There is certainly evidence that cloud computing offers more benefits than drawback to SMEs, yet a lack of understanding of these benefits means that uptake continues to be slow,’ says Goldstuck. ‘Despite this, there is a clear edge for those who do make use of it, after all, cloud computing is an enormous cost saver to any business and cutting costs is a key element of profitability.’

One of the issues which may also be preventing many SMEs from following technology trends is the fact that there are still many – up to one in 10 – SMEs that do not have internet connection. And those who do are often worried about the costs of data. This is where Nashua Mobile believes it has a real role to play as we have a solution suited for every business and can ensure apt connectivity. Not only have we introduced fixed costs data products such as Xtreme Data, but we utilise our experience and tariff optimisers to recommend the best data option and prevent bill shock. For the travelling business person, we also have available Orange sim cards to France and Botswana to assist in telecommunication costs. We can continue to improve your data solution as your business grows. We often expand small business’ data options to include ADSL and WiFi connectivity. With smartphones’ increasing data usage it’s more cost effective to share data.

SME customers remain an integral part of Nashua Mobile and we will continue to put the needs of SMEs first.

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Nashua Mobile makes mobile technology accessible for SMEs