NEC and partners launch UNIVERGE 3C and showcase IT solutions across South Africa

NEC and its partners poised to deliver complete IT Solutions that include powerful UC and collaboration software that empowers emerging mobile workforces and enables collaboration across key growth sectors of South African market.

During a special multi-city tour to be held in September, NEC will tour South Africa in coordination with its partners Gijima and Mustek to showcase the latest enterprise business solutions and officially launch NEC’s Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) solution UNIVERGE 3C in the South African market. Gijima and Mustek represent two of the largest IT solutions & distribution organizations in South Africa and will significantly advance the penetration of powerful UC&C IT solutions to the highest GDP growth sectors within South Africa.

This tour marks the official launch of NEC’s UNIVERGE 3C within South Africa. The UNIVERGE 3C platform is a powerful, all-in-one software-based UC&C platform that operates across premise, cloud or hybrid environments. It delivers essential collaboration tools to business users for virtually any device while maintaining a consistent user experience. UNIVERGE 3C’s software services adapt to a wide variety of business roles, providing increased efficiencies and greater workforce productivity.

“Our story now reaches well beyond just UC,” said Todd Landry, a Global Executive for UC&C, “This tour will launch the power of UNIVERGE 3C, but it will go further to showcase NEC’s powerful NEC IT infrastructure solutions that ensure reliable and cost effective solutions for enterprises.” Mr. Landry will be on the Smart Enterprise Tour delivering a key part of the keynote address to enterprise clients.

A Complete Enterprise Solutions Set
Besides UNIVERGE 3C the tour will showcase other new developments within the NEC’s powerful enterprise solutions portfolio, including Smart Business Mobility, Highly-resilient Server technologies, Virtualisation and Storage solutions. The tour will include live demonstrations of IT solutions and provides attendees the opportunity to engage in how these solutions can truly optimize their business and provide them with a new found agility in their local markets.

“The emergence of more cost effective IP connectivity across South Africa lays a powerful foundation to deliver new collaboration applications,” said Hugo de Wet, Gijima NEC Executive, “UNIVERGE 3C ability to integrate seamlessly with legacy NEC PBX platform is powerful. This allows our customers to deploy UNIVERGE 3C in a structured approach as and when budget are available or when the need arises. UNVERGE 3C allows you to retain cost effective analogue technologies as a speech path on your desk with all the Unified Communication benefits.”

Earlier this year NEC held its EMEA region partner conference, where it unveiled the integration of its IT Platforms and Unified Communications organizations under a singularly focused Enterprise Solution umbrella. UNIVERGE 3C was designed as an IT business application and operates on distributed, virtualised data centre environments, making it a natural fit for NEC’s IT platforms. The combination arms NEC and its partners with a powerful combination of highly resilient computing engines, highly secure networking & storage, software defined networking that can dynamically optimize for real-time communications, communications end-points that include mobility components such as DECT smart devices, and UC, Collaboration & Customer Care IT software solutions.

Nailing Gartner’s Five UC Characteristics for Success
NEC’s UNIVERGE 3C directly address Gartner’s five UC characteristics that effect UC success and the satisfaction of users: User Experience (UX), Mobility, Interoperability, Cloud & Hybrid, Broad solution appeal.

UNIVERGE 3C clients employ a Common UX across PCs, smartphones and tablets enabling anywhere, anytime access for increased efficiency and productivity, personal devices can be used in conjunction with enterprise security credentials – supporting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) needs. It’s Empowered Mobility capabilities work in conjunction with mobile clients to enable a truly unified experience. As a standards-based platform UNIVERGE 3C enables the B2B, B2P, and B2C federation that is critical for businesses to become more agile and much more integrated with partner ad customers. The software technology is designed for on-premises, cloud, or hybrid deployment scenarios and provides tailored collaboration for a wide range of business roles in a way that it adapts to the different needs and use cases of business functions. All of this creates broader adoption and better collaboration among a client, partner, and customer ecosystem and accomplishes it more cost effectively than attempting to assemble disparate components.

Join us for the Tour in Cape Town on Thursday 12th, Durban on Tuesday 17th or in Johannesburg on Friday 20th September



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NEC and partners launch UNIVERGE 3C and showcase IT solutions across South Africa