Samsung expands ATIV range

Unifying all Windows devices under one brand

Samsung Electronics South Africa has announced that it will incorporate its Windows-based computers into its ATIV range that previously consisted of its Smart PC Windows-based hybrid devices.

“By unifying all our Windows devices under one brand name, we are able to demonstrate how PC and mobile technologies have converged to provide customers with a completely integrated experience,” says Mike van Lier, Business Leader for IT Solutions at Samsung Electronics South Africa.

In tune with the needs and wants of today’s evolving consumers, the Samsung ATIV line now offers a variety of market leading Windows based devices designed to extend the mobile experience from your handset to laptop and vice versa, making work more seamless and life more convenient.

Current products that will be renamed include; Samsung Notebooks (Series 9, Series 7 Chronos, Series 7 Ultra, Series 5 Ultra, Series 4 and Series 3); Samsung ATIV Smart PC and Smart PC Pro; and Samsung All in One PC (Series 5 and Series 7).

“Through innovation, Samsung is constantly looking for ways to improve the consumers experience whenever they are interacting with Samsung products, the new ATIV range will give the consumers just that,” continues van Lier.

All ATIV devices will benefit from the Samsung partnership with AlwaysOn which allows ATIV users to receive 1GB of free Wifi data each month for a period of one year. This means that ATIV users can access over a 1 000 local AlwaysOn hotspots throughout the country to enjoy a connected experience irrespective of whether they have internet at home.

“What makes the ATIV offering an exciting one is that the products have been designed to meet any customer requirement. The range now consists of tablets and notebooks for a mobile experience and powerful All-in-One desktop computers when serious processing power is required,” mentions van Lier.

Samsung is also providing all ATIV customers with free access to the Samsung Virtual Training Academy that has more than 1 000 online training courses on popular Windows applications.

The Academy features more than 100,000 online training videos on applications such as Windows 8, Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, and Adobe Photoshop and many more. All courses are modular so users can either do the full training course on a specific software application or simply select the specific features they require training on.

Also pre-installed on all ATIV devices is the easy-to-use Samsung SideSync solution. Side Sync takes your mobile experience to a whole new level. There is a keyboard and mouse sharing mode so people can use their keyboard and mouse to work on both devices simultaneously. Sharing files between devices is as easy as dragging and dropping from one screen to the next. Also in phone screen sharing mode, you can use your mobile in your PC screen, saving you time as you never have to take your eyes off your PC.

“SideSync is the perfect way for ATIV users to make their smartphone an extension of their computer.”

There is also a selection of apps available in the Samsung Picks section of the Microsoft store.

“Our experts have taken the guesswork out of which apps will work best for the ATIV devices. While people are free to browse and download anything they want from the store, the Samsung Picks sections makes the process of selecting key apps much less intimidating than going through thousands of options,” continues van Lier.

The pre-selected apps are:
• CNN app for Windows
• CookBook
• DStv Guide
• Encyclopedia Britannica
• FNB Banking App
• Fotor
• Free Books – 23,469 classics to go.
• Gym Guide
• National Geographic Pictures
• News24
• PhotoFunia
• Shazam
• Sky News
• Standard Bank Mobile Banking
• TuneIn Radio
• Wikipedia
• XE Currency
• Your Tube 8

“The ATIV range is really all about the best possible customer experience. By providing our users with a range of options, form factors, and additional value-added features, – not to mention enabling them we are equipping them for the connected age,” concludes van Lier.


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Samsung expands ATIV range