Connect your office via 3G with the Huawei B686 3G wireless gateway and DECT phone

Make the most of your mobile voice and data contract with the Huawei B686 HSPA+DECT Wireless Gateway from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC). This handy device lets you connect up to 32 users on a wireless network for Internet access, as well as up to four devices using an Ethernet cable, and comes with a DECT handset for making crystal clear voice calls as well.

“Simply insert your SIM card for access, and your Small Office or Home Office (SoHo) is ready to go. The DECT handset uses the voice portion of a mobile contract, while the wireless gateway lets you share data wirelessly with multiple devices. Setup is easy, and the router delivers highly reliable connectivity. The Huawei B686 is the fastest and easiest way to connect your office via GSM voice and data networks,” says Rajen Naicker, Product Specialist: Hardware Storage Solutions at DCC.

Computers, laptops, tablets, Smartphones and even wireless printers can all connect to the router for access to the Internet, making a wireless office easy and highly affordable. The mobile handset offers wireless telephony, using the SIM card in the router, which helps to improve signal strength for better voice call quality. Telephony can be expanded with up to six handsets, so every desk in an office can be connected. An external aerial can also be installed on the device, excellent in areas of poor coverage. A USB port enables file sharing, or for a printer to be plugged in and shared among devices within the office.

“The router itself is also not locked to any particular cellular network, so users can easily plug in an existing SIM card regardless of their operator. It offers 21 Megabits per second (Mb/s) throughput, for faster upload and download speeds, and supports many different standards, so no matter what your level of coverage, it will work perfectly,” Naicker adds.

The Huawei B686 supports the following standards:
– HSUPA (High Speed Uplink Packet Access) 2100/900Mhz
– HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) 2100/900Mhz
– WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access)
– GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) 1800/900Mhz
– GPRS(General Packet Radio Service) 1800/900Mhz
– EDGE (Enhanced Date Rates for Global Evolution) 1800/900Mhz

Additional features enable you to store up to 1000 contacts as well as 500 text messages. Once a device has been paired with the router, it will automatically be picked up and connect in future, thanks to Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) compatibility. A built-in firewall, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server and Data Network Services (DNS) relay ensure security.

The Huawei B686 HSPA+DECT Wireless Gateway is available immediately from selected resellers and leading retailers for a recommended retail price of R2 499.00inclusive of VAT.


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Connect your office via 3G with the Huawei B686 3G wireless gateway and DECT phone