Apple’s iPad sales sink, but its iPhone sales hit record numbers

While Apple recently reported 14, 6 million in iPad sales, down from 17 million this time (July) last year, it reported an impressive figure for iPhone sales in its third quarter – notching up earnings that were just above what Wall Street was anticipating.

This is according to Christopher Riley, CEO of Pretoria-based notebook and accessories retailer, The Notebook Company – one of the biggest sellers of Apple tablets in South Africa.

“It’s hard for Apple to keep churning out the stellar growth the market has become used to – and it could be construed as somewhat unfair to expect this. It’s a case of the tallest trees getting the hardest winds.”

He said latest reports show that the company recorded $35, 6 billion in sales, which is slightly up from its earnings in the same period last year. “Apple’s sales shifted somewhat and were mostly driven by iPhone sales, which CEO Tom Cook was quick to highlight in a recent statement to the press.”

What was evident, however, is that sales for iPads and Macs were down from the previous year.

“The market should not be too tough on Apple. It is really going to be hard for them to notch upcontinuous record growth that they having been doing, quarter after quarter – for a sustained period. Growth is probably going to slow a bit – but it comes from a high level of earnings, and competitors will still find it hard to match them. But I think earning forecasts going forward should be a bit more tempered by analysts,” said Riley

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Apple’s iPad sales sink, but its iPhone sales hit record numbers