Johnson Controls invests in the next generation of FM managers with two learnership programmes

Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Solutions has launched a training programme to give employees the necessary skills to work in the facilities management industry. The initiative is termed learnership and the core aim of these learnerships is to focus on previously disadvantaged individuals by giving them a chance to reach their full potential and educate them in an industry they feel they can grow into.

Johnson Controls has embarked on both a funded and unfunded learnership. The unfunded learnership has a total of 14 learners currently enrolled, with registrations still pending.

The funded learnership has a total number of 15 learners with registrations still pending (Services Sector Education and Training Authority) SSETA approval. Candidates for the Learnership programme are identified through an internal process that HR carries out.

The criteria for both the funded and unfunded learnships are aligned with Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) guidelines and requirements. Furthermore, the candidates should demonstrate the potential to excel in their field and have a high performance rating. This learnership focuses on junior managers and new managers within the organisation and runs for 12 consecutive months.

During this time learners are taken on as full time employees and will simultaneously work towards achieving their qualification. Students are required to have a Grade 12 pass to enter into the learnership programme. Those taking part in the programme will also have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of the facilities management industry. Successful learners will receive an accredited qualification, depending on which programme they participate in.

Philip Gregory, senior regional executive Middle East and Africa, for Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Solutions, said: “Our aim is to help the next generation of facilities management managers so that we can see them grow individually within the company and in turn they will give back by mentoring and coaching new entrants, a circle where all will benefit in the future.”

If learners encounter any issues or challenges along the way they are place onto a support programme to help them cope. The facilitators go the extra mile to provide mentoring and coaching to those that need assistance.

Gregory added: “The learnership programme has been implemented to focus on the core educational system in facilities management giving the industry not only the dedicated workers put people that are passionate about the job and aim to guide those in this specific area.”

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Johnson Controls invests in the next generation of FM managers with two learnership programmes